Friday, February 17, 2017

Almost Finished with Pretty Basic Shawl--free pattern

Almost to bind off now!!!!!!  I love knitting this shawl. Pretty Basic by Janina Kallio is a great free pattern on Ravelry that has enough interest for detail but not too hard for some TV knitting rows as well.

Yarn---- (Pink speckle)  The Homespun House (Molly in Germany)
colorway In Bloom/ from my stash since last February 2016 Valentines colorway
It is a fingering weight of 100% merino

The light green/sage yarn is from stash from about a year ago of which I had in mind to work with this particular pink yarn for contrast. You can find it here:

in the colorway Celery, fingering weight 

I'm using a number 5 Addi turbo lace circular needles (my favorite)

my handy little notions pouch from my LYS

You can see the flecks of green in the pink yarn.

One thing different I'm doing this year is keeping/making a knitting journal. I know that Ravelry has a place to record but I'm liking to write my own including a little piece of each of the yarns used in it for remembrance.

I also added to my T pins for blocking a set of blocking wires. I found those on Amazon. I will be using this while blocking the project above and post on progress/review.

I hope  you had a great Valentine's Day!
I certainly did. I got an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of roses in my favorite colors and a caring husband for close conversation and sharing a meal.

This morning I am so grateful for all the things I have been blessed with. I count knitting and cross stitching and any expressive form of art a gift from God. To take a pause out of my day to remember that God made me with His own handiwork is amazing. 

Do you have some special things you treasure in your stitching stash?

What makes them special to you?

I am finishing a shawl called Pretty Basic by Janina Kallio on Ravelry. It is a free pattern and is simply that which the title says. However, there is room for modifying the pattern and is even encouraged by the designer. I like to have choices like that. 

I'm about to bind off. My goal for finishing this was Valentines Day but didn't quite meet that goal.
But I've cut myself a little slack knowing I have other things going on in my life that need attending and also I wanted to make sure it was "just right".

You know, God made sure we were "just right" when he made us and God has prepared us to do good works. He prepared this in advance!!!!

He has a plan for our life just as we have plans on how we want to knit up or stitch up a pattern..
The result is a beautiful work and is worth the extra time we spend to making it "just right".

As you go through your day, keep this verse in your heart. It will encourage you to know that your Maker already has a design of which we should take no worry but just have the commitment to follow through.

Enjoy your day!



  1. hiya friend, lovely shawl, hope you are well:) looking forward to spring here!

  2. Dearest Jennifer,
    You got it very well documented and indeed, that is valuable for anyone wanting to create this shawl or any other piece.
    Yes, I've often thanked God for giving me hands, eyes (even if one is no good for doing anything...) that I can create things with and feel joy.
    Sending you hugs,

  3. A lovely finish and the pincushions are a treasure. Enjoy!


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