Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sautee Sunset Summer Scarf Progress

Progress on Sautee Sunset summer scarf I'm making. The colors again are faded due to poor quality on my Ipad camera. I hope to get you a truer representation of the vivid, gorgeous colors when I get my camera fixed. I thought I would share my progress.

This yarn is Santorini which is 58% viscose and 42% cotton. Its a great combo. For a little history I looked up the viscose and basically its a rayon that actually has been around since the 1800's. I found a great little history site discussing cotton and viscose.

If you are interested in a bit more about the type of textile and why it is put in some yarns/fabrics, this is a good short read. I learned a few history bits about it.

click HERE

I started not to post pics as they are faded colors until I could get my camera into working order. Seems like a cloud or lavender effect in these pics but you will get the jist of the design.

I do get a few rows in  each morning really early or at lunchtime. 
I am using a sweet little heart marker progress keeper from Molly.
Her podcast and website is A Homespun House.

I'm starting on the second skein.
Each skein is 125 yards.
I was so surprised at how far the the first one was.

The colorway only has a number and is 2107
It is from Classic Elite Yarns.
I purchased this in Dahlonega Ga at Magical Threads.
I'm using a number 7 Addi circular needles

The actual colors are so vivid and actually look like a sunset on a clear day.
I made increases and decreases to create a "mountainous" effect.
I'm looking forward to incorporating this in my wardrobe with denim and a crisp white shirt and it will also be great into early Fall due to the autumn deep rust colors and navy scattered throughout.

The cotton and viscose with a lace pattern make it a great Summer accessory, not too hot, just right to still wear something you knit!

Our sunsets and sunrises here in North GA mountains are breaktaking.

It is awesome to be inspired to create living here. 
Future posts will show accurate colors of this project with the help of Mr. Darcy soon.

Here's hoping you are getting the weekend starting off at peace and have something on your needles to enjoy this cool Spring air!

For our weekend, we are going out to eat and working around the house cleaning out and donating many many bags of items, and actual pieces of furniture to the local battered women's shelter.
So far we have donated 8 large bags. Much more to go as I simplify our living space. 

See ya soon!



  1. Dearest Jennifer,
    Your colors show really nice, that is when I click the photos to enlarge them.
    Thanks for that link, quite interesting and as I have actually studied fashion and very much also the fabric contents, this is something I love. Also I've always searched for natural fibers, for knitting, crocheting and sewing, for wearing and sleeping on and in, in general. It makes all the difference!
    It is a very lovely knit and you sure will look lovely when combining it the way you plan to.
    As for simplifying our lives. Yes, I too feel so relieved for having just tackled our 36 photo albums and having them now all digital. A MEGA task it was, almost overwhelming but I managed with perseverance and dedication as with all we do. The weight of those albums was huge and I'm so glad I did de-clutter in a very positive way. Having them now by year and by country and by subject (we were International Mushroom Consultants after Pieter's retirement), is a joy to view as a slide show.
    Sure I will go through many things and streamline our life too. We all do gather way too much and it should not become a burden to others once we're gone.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  2. Your scarf is very pretty .I'm not much of a knitter, can only do the basics and I really don't have time for another crafting obsession between my cross-stitching and quilting. I enjoy seeing everyone's projects though. Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Georgia spring.


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