Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New Sampler and New Beginnings for Fall 2014

These past few weeks have gone by in a flash. I'm halting one area of work and have accepted an offer full-time in a medical practice that I'm excited about. During the past few weeks I've worked extremely hard in the area of home health, revisiting my years of home health from about 20 years ago. I learned alot, sweated alot, drove with my knee alot while answering the phone and managing cases with an office in the car, and frequented McDonald's dollar menu probably more than most!  I'm switching gears again as I have an excellent opportunity again as a women's health nurse practitioner and very excited to be back in the swing of things.
Thank you to all who have still hung out and followed my blog. I literally had to take a long break as I didn't have time really for any personal hobby time. I'm hoping this new position will put back the balance I need in my life back and also serve the community at my best.

Mr. Fox and I went to a farmer's market last weekend and had so much fun, enjoying  a Peach Festival. I wish I had photos but I don't :(

Anyways, I can share with you that all the kinds of peaches that were possible, were there!  We also had some homemade Peach ice cream and hot Peach pie. Along with some Jersey sweet peaches, I also got some fresh Romaine lettuce, carrots, lemons, sweet corn on the cob, honey, a loaf of cinnamon pecan bread, and squash. I already had so many tomatoes that kind folks had given me through the past 2 weeks and we have eaten our good share of tomato sandwiches. I LOVE fresh tomato sandwiches with lot of salt and pepper, mayonnaise (not the Miracle Whip stuff......yikes) and lettuce, and thick, peppered bacon.

I definitely will be back more frequently especially with the Fall coming up very soon. I can already feel it in the air at night here in the North Georgia mountains, the coolness, but still the days are warm.

With the coming of that little bitty nip at night in the air and visiting the farmer's market, I was inspired to design this little sampler for those getting out their Fall decor, or who would like to add a pillow keep/pinkeep to their kitchen wood bowl of ornies. There's just nothing like the smell of Apple Cider and to have a warm cup of it with your sweetheart in the cool Fall Days coming up soon. Apple Cider is definitely a staple at the Fox homestead during the Fall and Winter here.

I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for respecting copyright. I so appreciate it. Nothing fancy here, just a simple sampler for Sunday. But, sometimes simple is better to me.

Apple Cider 
designed by Jennifer Ann Fox
Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2014

70 x 106~~~size
antique white or vintage linen of choice

recommendation for threads

Weeks Dye Works


Gentle Art

Shaker White

  Here are a couple of photos from our yard/forest around the house with 2 beautiful deer that come around the house regularly. We have named the buck-------Buck.
We named the doe--------Buttercup.

We saw Buck when he had only a little bit of antlers a long time back and now they have grown so much and he is getting a little heavier now. He still has the velvet on his antlers. Thank you to my DH for the photos.

Buck and Buttercup

Buck's picture was not taken with a closeup lens. DH was actually out right there with him and then after a couple of pictures, he just walked off slowly. They really are quite comfortable around the house.
The cats just sit in the porch chairs and watch them, not even chasing or making anything of it. Amazing.

I'm glad to have a couple of weeks off between jobs to get some things done around the homestead and go visit my parents. 
Mr. Fox's mother had surgery this past week as well as my dad. Yup, all in the same week.
Thankfully, they are both doing well. 

If you have any questions or comments or any topics you would like to be reviewed or explored in a blog post, please notify me at I'm always loving to here from you! And I'm always loving to write about needlework and/or encouragement on this journey.

Today we watched two really good movies on Amazon Prime for free and popped some corn from the farmer's market with oil in a large pot on the stove. It was really tasty! One of the movies was The Cider House Rules..............ironically.

Till later,



  1. Congratulations on your new job. I know your heart is in women's health. The fall inspired sampler is super. I can already see it hanging from my peg rack in the kitchen.

  2. What a lovely chart--thank you for sharing!
    Best of luck to you in your new job endeavor! I hope you will be very happy and pleased! I know we are all glad that you may be able to stitch and blog more--you are missed by many of us who enjoy your posts!
    Those are beautiful deer and I think I could really get used to sitting there and watching them--they look so sweet!

  3. Great to have you back Jennifer. Love and Blessings to you and Mr. Fox (nearly called him Mr. Darcy)

  4. Thank you for the freebie.
    Autumn is my favorite season, beautiful and warm colors.
    Love your blog and read it often and hope you have time to continue this love.


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