Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Freebie: Summer Time and Patience sampler

Summertime Patience
copyright 2014
designer, Feathers in the Nest
Jennifer Ann Fox

(Click on the design for bigger picture and to print out. Please do not sell, or distribute. Thank you for your understanding on copyright)

My inspiration for this sampler I designed is yellow butterflies and those green catepillars that I see every Summer. I love butterflies. Especially yellow ones. We have many out this time of year, soaring through the butterfly bushes and flittering around so we can see them through the windows or on the porch.

When I was a little girl, seems like Summers lasted longer than they do now. In actuality with school, we did get out earlier in the Spring and started back later in the Fall. Even though I loved the Summer time activities, I actually loved school more. My love for reading and writing persist to this day. I remember the best part of Summer was the reading book club at the library.

 As the years roll on, they get shorter and shorter especially if I fill up my life with too many "things" on my list.
Not only in Summer, but also any time of our lives in which we are going through times that seem to last forever and ever, the little catepillars can be a reminder that with time and patience they will become a beautiful butterfly one day.

As I get older, I seem to have more patience with things. I think it's because with time and many years of learning life lessons. I know the key to those long periods of wait are time and patience.
Introspection can really help me see the possibilities and set my perceptions to a positive direction, knowing that through those long periods, my patience is being sharpened for the next time and the next and the next. I am not perfect by any means  but I'm encouraged by a simple yellow butterfly to remember that with time and in the right time, beautiful things can happen. 
And I think yellow butterflies flying around are very beautiful!

Bottom line is, what we put our time and patience in, will yield something beautiful.
We may not be able to always see it, but we can always have hope. 

Summertime is shorter for me now. It flies by literally because the weather in the mountains is really not as hot as it was growing up in South Georgia as a child. However, I'm still reminded of situations in my life that keep trucking along at a catepillar pace sometimes but have been told many times to remember that with time and patience, things change for the better. 

I hope you like this little sampler and stitch it up for the Summer as a positive reminder when you pass it by in a special place in your home. We all need those positive reminders especially in this world of so much negative. 

For book lovers, you can stitch this one up on 40 count for a book mark for a special friend or a sweet pinkeep.

Colors suggested are

Gentle Art Spring Grass (light green)
Gentle Art Cinnamon (catepillar legs)
DMC 310 black
Week's Dye Work's Saffron (yellow)

I just love the Spring Green color! You can choose any that would match your decor, vintage it up, or whatever. 

I hope you start your week off with peace, happiness and hope.

With hope,

P. S.  Other natural beauty around homestead today were 2 deer. Just outside the window. A small buck and a doe. The buck was barely growing his antlers................sweet.

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  1. Such a sweet sampler! I love those summery colors! So precious!
    Look at those beautiful deer--I could watch them for hours!


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