Saturday, June 7, 2014

Finished and Framed At Home with Jane Austen sampler

At Home with Jane Austen
designed by The Sampler Girl
WIP in my stash for 3 years!

finished per instructions in packet using Crescent Colors and linen 

I finally put the rest of the stitches in this piece and framed it. The frame is from a clearance at Target. I loved the dark pink border. While the width was not perfect for it, the length certainly was!!!
Here are a few other pics. I could NOT get it without shadows which appear to be wrinkles in it.
Even in this pic I can see myself in the shadow. I decided to leave the glass in. 
This one will go on a sampler wall in one of the guest rooms.

I love the saying.

So, another one bites the dust!  About 40 more WIPS to go!

There is a patriotic one, still in lap frame from 3 years ago...........Battle Hymn of the Republic. I do think it's the time of year to work on finishing that one next.

We are still quite busy with our house hold projects this Summer and putting some new kitchen and bath flooring down. Still waiting for it on order. More on that as time comes.........

Here's hoping you are having a beautiful weekend, staying cool and at peace. ;-)



  1. I think it looks really nice, Jennifer. The frame is perfect.

  2. Jennifer, the frame looks perfect! Have a great week! Amy

  3. Dearest Jennifer,
    Lovely cross stitch work!
    Hope you both are doing fine!
    We too have been busy for 10 steady years and it looks like our last project of remodeling has come to an end. FINALLY! Now some more time for the two of us; walking, biking etc. And I have to finish a beautiful cross stitch work that I started years ago. Never found the time to do it. Did accomplish lots of sewing projects lately.
    Hugs to you and happy summer.

  4. Jennifer, by the way please do get rid of your word verification. That way I can put you on the sidebar of my blog in the top list and not way below with those that have word verification. You can avoid spam in a much easier way: Just click → {HOW I Managed the Spam Comments so far...}

  5. thank you!!!!!

    by the way, Mariette, I did do away with the word verification.....didn't even know I had that set and I don't like it either. :)
    Hope all are having a good week!


    1. Thanks Jennifer and I have placed you now in the top list!
      By the way, lovely roses and tulips you have in these photos vases! You have a great sense of taste.

  6. Gorgeous finish and framing!


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