Monday, May 12, 2014

Color Therapy and Sampler Making/Life


Color therapy is definitely a useful tool in many situations, whether child or adult, happy or sad, whatever the case. Sometimes we don't even think about all the colors we are exposed to each day, which ones we love the most and why, and some scientific reasons behind exposures to cheerful colors. I found this link on one of my favorite websites for PTSD--Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you click below you will find a physician's explanation for the use of the color wheel.

If you or a loved one has PTSD, first do not be ashamed. It's not something you choose for yourself. There is much help as well. Gift From Within is probably one of THE best scientifically based websites for PTSD and has many, many short webcasts with this physician who has dedicated his life to the specialty. Also, are webcasts on specific PTSD issues with veterans. You might want to check this site out because most likely you will cross paths, knowingly or not, with a friend or family member with this issue. Trust me, the person will frequently not tell someone, because of the stigma, the shame, and the prejudice that comes with it. A counselor is your friend and can really help.

Some myths about PTSD are :

1) it always effects men (absolutely can effect man or woman, child or adult. In fact, more women and children are susceptible to it)

2) it always effects military soldiers (can also affect childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, etc.)

3) jobs will not be prejudiced about it (they will)

4) there is no cure for it (depends on the diagnosis and the length of time before access to treatment, and the person themselves, not always forever and those they do have chronic and are treated, recognize their triggers and have many resources to cope)

5) no one can help ( not true. Anyone can be a positive healthy person or friend for someone with PTSD IF they choose to)

6) people with PTSD are crazy (not true. Please see Gift From Within for biochemical and environmental issues with PTSD)

7) People with PTSD are not loveable. (not true. In fact, they are probably the most sensitive people and loving you can ever meet when you extend trust in a friendship)

8) family members with PTSD should be excluded from family ( a family can choose this but does not help the person with PTSD nor does it help the family unit. For a family not to even try to understand it in this day and time of resources like Gift from Within is unimaginable. If someone is triggered and you do not feel comfortable with this, you can remove yourself but cutting someone off the family is not a healthy way to deal with it although it is often chosen because it's the easiest way)

9) all military men that return from Afghanistan twice, have PTSD. (this actually was told in an interview of a friend who did not have PTSD but had been to war twice) first this is legally wrong to discriminate and second NOT all people who serve our country get PTSD. Society needs educating.

10) a person with PTSD should tell everyone about it. (this is a variable decision based on each person's circumstances. If you choose to tell, be ready for friends/family's to conveniently leave the relationship as they are not confident in themselves or choose the easy way out to not be your friend. Because of the stigma attached to it, people with PTSD sometimes do not; however, I've seen educators who have the disorder incorporate it in their introductions in a positive manner. So there is not a right or wrong but be prepared for people judging you, or even hating you for it. And on rare occasions, it may even help a family member understand you much better and strengthens the relationship.

When I cross stitch or knit, the colorway of the threads or yarn, can greatly be cheerful. The sampler I am working on from The Scarlett Letter is very simple, changing silk colors frequently.

It finally dawned on me through this that there is a pattern to the mixed colors in the sampler.

The colors of the letters go Blue Red Gold Pink . If you look at the color wheel and see how the colors in the sampler could be interpreted, the sampler (red stitching) is surrounded by love. I think this is why I love redwork so much!

I love these Kelmscott little scissors that come in all colors as well. I picked up a pair of blue ones in my collection to work on the sampler. Blue is so cheerful.
The colors are cheerful and remind me of the color wheel. Positive thinking.

I hope to be done pretty soon on this one. At the homestead in the past week, we have had some major things that have not given me much time at all for stitching. We had a pipe burst and effects 3 rooms and luckily we have insurance but the chaos of moving all the stuff around and calling adjustors and such and working in between has been time-consuming.
Through out all this a ray of sunshine is in the distance when we get through. We will have a new kitchen floor and bathroom floor, opportunity to remove the large island and maybe paint the cabinets, make use of some space upstairs better, and most of all, forced me to really clean out the things I don't use anymore, therefore cutting down clutter.
So all in all above the loud fans going, it's expedited me de-cluttering for my yearly goal to simplify my life. I've turned a desk that was not used into a vanity for myself and it's SO very nice to sit and do makeup/hair versus standing in a bathroom.
When we get done, we will share pics but I do believe this will be further out in time. We have a lot to do. But in between I did just set some time to stitch and when I finish this little sampler I will have a little sense of accomplishment with one thing!!! 
I do appreciate all your comments and personal emails. I hope you understand that if I don't respond right now in a timely manner it's not because I do not want to be friends with you. It's a temporary set back we are dealing with in the homestead and a new job taking up a lot of my time. I dearly love all of you that take part of your day to read things I like to share and do read each and every comment.
Thank you again for your hanging in there!!!!  I know it's time for a freebie sampler and I hope soon to get my designing hat on to do this for you.
I hope all mothers, both children and furbaby mothers, had a GREAT Mother's Day yesterday. I worked for most of it but was given a beautiful rose at work (PINK!!!).
Till later,


  1. Your sampler colors are beautiful and I was not really aware of color influences and found your post most interesting. I have definitely heard of PTSD and I understand that it is such a sad and difficult way to live. I hope that people will be more ready to reach out to those who need it.
    I can only imagine how crazy things are at your house with all those repairs and renovations! What a nightmare--but it will all be in the past one day, and you'll enjoy all the positive effects from it! Hang in there!!!
    Please visit my blog and register for my giveaway! I think it's a fun batch of goodies and I hope the winner will enjoy it!! Be sure your name is in the pot!!!

  2. Thanks for the post about PTSD. There are so many disorders that people are ignorant about. I am learning so much about learning disorders in my masters program. A common misconception is that people with learning disorders are stupid/have a low IQ which is not true. Education is power.

  3. Thank you Jennifer. I have known for many years that I have PTSD. My father abused us. Mainly my mother. Severe abuse, people just do NOT understand or relate.

  4. A lovely & meaningful post Jennifer. Sorry to hear about your waer problems but glad insurance will take care of things. Love your goal to simplify your life. That is my goal as well. Lovely stitching!

  5. I had PTSD after being in a house fire. Not fun, not fun at all. I was about to have a shower a year later and suddenly felt I was surrounded by smoke, could even feel the heat and ended up running round to a neighbours in my bathrobe lol. But it is something you can get over. Just needs time and a little patience. I love working with colours and yes, colour therapy has its place but you also have to take into consideration past experiences with colour. I used it a lot in my workshops and people need freedom to interpret the colours. An unhappy childhood in an orange bedroom will never lead to happy 'orange' times. I think working with threads and colours all the time means most crafters are aware of how they feel with certain colours xx


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