Friday, February 21, 2014

My Finished Vintage Knitted Wrap


I haven't been able to take any good pics lately of my finish and progress/ weather and random things of interest for past week due to my camera breaking. For good this time.  I used my hubbie's Sony camera and I have to say, it's ok if you have nothing, but I cannot figure out, nor he how to make the colors as true and vivid as my old camera, Fujifilm. The hinge has been broke on mine for 2 years now and I've had to hold it under while taking pics but made it last long as I could.

 Now the old one can't be fixed but boy, did I get my money's worth from the Fujifilm. It's so old now that the basic FF cameras are superior a lot more to the advanced one I had. Any day now I should be getting a new Fujifilm 8200 series.
I will blog and write exactly what features as a photographer and needle worker I choose to continue with this brand of camera in a separate post when it arrives!!!!!  I hope to get back blogging more and sharing encouraging thoughts and pics, and of course my love for needlework.

Having said this, I will post a pic of my finish this week.  

This is the best color representation.
and now the back..........
I love anything vintage and classic.
I like the way it turned out. The size. The texture. The softness. The warm fuzziness. The vintage classic style.
This is not meant to tie in front but I am going to find a beautiful jeweled vintage shawl pin. I think this would look awesome!
Layering with Winter or early Spring, this makes a great piece.
I used a basic shawl pattern, just increasing each row after casting on 30. Increasing only one stitch at the beginning of each row.
This used almost 1 full extra large Homespun Quick and Thick in colorway, Clarinet.
My review of this yarn:
  1. Extra soft yarn 100% acrylic found easily in Michael's Joanne's, Hobby Lobby or Walmart
  2. Forms a beautiful, gorgeous vintage Boucle effect
  3. Several available solid colors, however the wormy effect of the yarn make for interesting color dimension
  4. One skein goes allllllooooong way  
  1. This yarn is easy for splitting and fraying with use which can become stressful.
And that is honestly the only one I can think of.
Here's the label
You can see another color difference. This is actually lighter than it is.....frustrating.........anyway, I would say a deep cranberry color.
And speaking of color, I can't believe yesterday and today here in the mountains with almost 70 one day and still moderate today, and last week was this!
I still feel and so do many local mountain folk that March, we will get another snow episode.
I hope this finds you warm and cozy, and most importantly peaceful and happy.
I also have quite a collection from last year of knitting needles that are straights. If you are interested in a set or a specific size/length, I will be listing these in my Etsy shop soon as I get my camera.
Warm hugs,


  1. I love your blog. Thank you for changing the the font. I couldn't read the other. Hope your day is blessed! Amy


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