Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Organizing and Finding Stash Yarn


It's that day of the week we all plan out and hope to get some goals achieved. Some people go at Monday morning with much energy and direction, setting goals and organized for usual areas in their life.

Right now, in my journey, I'm still following through with the goals I had set for 2014 at the homestead. It's part of the Keeping it Simple one. I'm amazed at how much FREE help there is online for organizing and de-cluttering tips. You tube has been a great life-saver for me in this area.

We all want to "keep our stuff". But there comes a time to de-clutter and organize because it makes our environment and minds much less stressed, we can find things and not repurchase things, and just sets a better mood in our nests.

Combined with the beautiful sunny and mild day here in the mountains of North Georgia, I am working today on the "Keeping Room" and the Dining Room and Kitchen. I've worked at it in rearranging some furniture, probably against doctor's advice with a herniated disc, and now on a heating pad on my back; however, I already feel a better flow in the house and getting rid of clutter and organizing has helped my mind already. I also feel my sciatic nerve in my left bum too. :(

I have a grand piano in the space and it's not moving. So........that gives me unlimited options for other pieces of furniture to make it more usable for the space, yet homey and calming.

This morning, I worked on 30 minutes of this scarf. It's another Lacy Keyhole Scarf designed by Stephanie Japel on

This yarn I found, while in the organizing of my yarn stash basket. I had forgot about it. I got it last year in Washington, DC at LOOPED, a candy yarn shop for all knitters out there. I only have one skein, about 175 yards, so I extended the garter sections of the two pieces to make it a little longer. It's still a very feminine scarfette with lace on the end and I just love these.
This skein is very special because it is high end yarn and I found it when organizing my stash!!!!!!

This is absolutely the softest yarn. It's 30% silk and 70% extra fine Peruvian wool
Calls for a needle size between 4-6.
I'm using a 6 so the lacy ends will open up more. I like the curling at the ends so I don't usually block these. I'm kinda girly like that.
The colorway is called Wildflowers.
It's very muted and soft as you can see in the picture.
This is just making a really special, silk blend, soft scarfette for Spring.
Half is finished, now on to the other half.
The kitchen countertop background is probably not the best to show the muted colors but................anyhoo.
Back to cleaning up and organizing. Just wanted to take a few minutes and drop a line or two or three...or more.
I baked a ham last weekend and then we had ham in all ways known to man all week. The hambone made excellent dried navy bean soup with cornbread.
And guess who, finally got the big bone for one day?
Excuse the floors and surrounding. I'm sure you know how it is when you move furniture.
Did you see the last episode of Downton Abbey last night? At least this year it was a good ending! What did you think about it???
You think Edith will bring her daughter back?
I love that movie and will miss it until next January.
I hope to hear some comments to let me know you at least are still out there in blog land. I love to read them!!
So let's create today on Monday. Right now I've created a mess that I have to clean up........and dust....oh my.
I need to go junkin' for a really ultra cheap but good deal of a bookcase about 32 tall and 24 wide. More on that later.
I designed a new sampler and will be put on my FB page for a week or so soon so "like" my FB page Feathers in the Nest, and see what extras are out there for you. Love to hear from people all over the world!
Stay warm and cozy,


  1. What fun colors in that scarf, and I bet Abby just loved that ham bone! Good for you for taking on the big task of decluttering, it is definitely something we can all stand to do. Have a great week, Jennifer!

  2. Love the organizing urge - I searched Facebook for "Feathers In the Nest" and it didn't come up - boo

    Mary in MN

  3. What beautiful yarn! Don't you love it when you find great stuff in your stash?

    I enjoyed Downton Abbey last night, and I thought the producers left openings for next season to be verrrry interesting! I must confess to a bit of disappointment, though, in that this episode took place several months after the previous one and there had been really no change in the relationship between Mr. Molesley and Miss Baxter. Maybe that's something they're setting up for next season...


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