Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Is All We Need~~sampler freebie!

  This past week, has been quiet and I've been working on some goals I set for 2014 that include:
  • simplifying my life in all areas
  • learning new knit stitches
  • reading, reading, reading at least a book a week
  • organizing while I'm simplifying
  • paying it forward with donations of "too much stuff"
  • being more mindful of my morning devotionals
  • practicing yoga more often AND learn more from You-tube videos
  • learning more about frugal living
  • researching more about the products I put on my skin and going more organic
  • pulling out my cross stitching I designed to stitch the models
  • pulling out my WIPS I have already going and finish some
  • start writing a book
So, as you can see, I set some big goals but all in all, so far, it's February and I'm doing as well as I can.

Folks, there are some intelligent, talented writers in the blog world and I really didn't realize the depth of the free education and movies on u-tube that we have available!!!

For example, I've been wanting to learn to use cables in my knitting but it just looks so hard. I'm going outside my comfort zone and found The Casting on Couch series of English knitting on u-tube and she taught a braided cable scarf! It looks quite much easier than I had thought but I will have to get those needles out and work it.......work it baby, work it......

Here is her site for freebies. I highly recommend her tutorials on You Tube. She is great at explaining.


I have knitted the Chunky Lace pattern on the end of a garter scarf and it turned out well.
I really want to try the Cabled scarf pattern.

For simplifying, I set this goal because I'm at a middle age (huhum) point in my life where cleaning the chaos, having fewer things, promotes a better environment for less stress. I've read a couple of books and found some blogs I really like and without identifying myself a hoarder...........I do tend to cling on to things longer than need be. I don't know if it's the mentality of "some day I'm going to need that" or what. I think I mentioned the book I read that was free on Pixel of Ink about organization and decluttering. I have since found and stashed a couple more on my Kindle. Speaking of that, doesn't Kindle save space for books!!!!  I've got 265 books on my Kindle, most of them from Pixel of Ink freebies.

I started with the down stairs bathroom and took out all that was in the cabinets. Threw away an entire trash bag full of expired or junk. Then, I organized using baskets I already have for different things. I have WAYYYYYYYY too many lip products. :O
But, I'm very girly, so to part with them is hard to think about.
I have gone through the baskets once and taken a week off of that and now I'm going to go through them again. My goal is to have minimal things in my bathroom. Minimal. Less stress. And this is just one room. In January, I finished selling or donating toys that my adult kids didn't want and feel a load is off there. So, still have many rooms to go but by the end of this year, I hope to meet my goal.

The knitting bug has had me for a while now, but I'm digging into my cross stitch WIPS again and going to pick this up more. I do love samplers! I think knitting has just been such a repetitious therapy for the mind and also useful finishes, with Winter being the best time to knit.

Yoga is now a mindful part of most days in the week and I like it best when my hubbie and I find a lesson online and practice together. It's really quite balancing. I've practiced yoga for about 2 years now, maybe 3. There was a time I didn't practice and I could really tell the difference when I started back.

Recently, I've started substituting natural oils for many beauty and cleaning products and I'm really, really enjoying coconut oil. Just Google Coconut Oil and uses and you will find amazing things. I really didn't realize how good for you this is. Make sure if you get coconut oil, you get, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, Unrefined Coconut Oil. I have replaced my shaving cream, my night cream, day cream, cleanser, makeup remover and body moisturizer/scrubs with it. It's solid at 76 degrees or below and liquid above that. It lasts forever! It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties so you can use on acne, dry skin, sensitive skin and eczema. In fact it's GREAT healing for eczema and psoriasis type conditions. This also ties into my more simple and wholesome living goal! You can order this online but I just picked it up at a grocery store. I prefer the glass jar brands instead of the plastic.

One of my goals in life I set many years ago is to write a book. I officially started and have a publisher already in the ready. It's in it's baby stages of formulation right now and that's about all I can say at this point. But! When my writing mojo begins, I write a little more. My goal to finish is by the end of this year. I know that sounds like a long time but I want to make sure it's right before releasing. The publisher is supposed to call me again early Summer to check on progress.

My camera is really on the blink. I hope to get it to squeeze a few pictures of the snow we are getting. The most of this storm, Pax is hitting our area in the mountains with prediction totals of 9-12 inches by Thursday morning. Folks, that is ALOT of snow. I'm concerned about the icing conditions as well. But for the most part, hubbie and I are huddling inside until Thursday.

 Louie the outside cat, has checked in the Lodge at Fox mountain through the end of the week! We already have had constant snow since 5am. He is ever so glad to curl in the back of the bathroom cabinet that is open and hibernate. Can't wait to see what he does when I turn on a blow dryer.

I designed a freebie offered for a short while here for you!!!  I want to thank you for all your support and taking time out to read my blog. Valentine's Day is just around the corner so I was inspired to design this one. I will have it out free for a couple of weeks. Again, if you stitch it up, please, please, please send me a pic. I will put it on the blog here and especially adore the different ways you finish it.

Love Is All We Need
designed by Jennifer Fox, Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2014
I'm humming the Beatles song now in my head...........................................
Use colors of choice and linen of choice! From muted pinks to bright pinks, this sampler can take many décor options. I would love to see this in a primitive sampler.
Please keep pattern as is except changing the initials to suit you and your sweetheart!
To enlarge to print, just click on the picture and then print in your computer software.
I can't wait to see some finishes! You really do make my day. I hope this makes someone happy at least and if your heart is happy, then so is mine.
I have two knitting projects on the needles. A shawl and a Spring light airy scarf.
Stay-tuned for pics and progress.
And finally, this creature that was stealing all of Louie's food outside on the back porch is not around anymore. He actually growled at me and hissed. Scared me to death.
He met his demise at the end of last week.
I failed to use the Opossum Pie recipe that is in one of my cookbooks......YUCK.
Now this is a much prettier furbaby. Yup, she is a B.A.B.Y
So on the needles I went from this:
I have another one, a thick cranberry shawl in another pattern on more needles but at this time my camera has met it's demise. I will have to get hubbie to take a pic of it for the next post.
This red headed woodpecker was seen prior to the snow coming. I guess he was "going to the grocery for milk and bread before the storm".
Stay tuned. Soon some snow pics today with hubbie's nice camera!!!!!!!!!!!
Knitting warm and cozy,


  1. Love the pictures thank-you for another beautiful pattern

  2. I saw that you posted about some makeup organization videos on YouTube and I got sucked into watching 7 of them and I don't even own much makeup! Can you believe all that she has accumulated?

    I also saw that you were enjoying the coconut oil. I'd been thinking about it so I gave it a try. Love it! Especially for my face. It takes so very little and doesn't smell at all which I think was what was putting me off.

  3. I love the colors in the chart can you tell me what the DMC colors are please. I want to stitch it just like that

  4. hey Jackie! Yup, I've been sucked into organizational videos, knitting videos, and makeup/skin care ones too. She definitely had a hoarder problem in that one you are talking about. LOL YES!!! I will have to do a blog post on the coconut oil. About the scent, if it's processed it won't have a scent, but the scented is the kind you want, unrefined and cold pressed for the benefits of it from what I understand. I use it and the scent really doesn't stay long, really oily at first but absorbs in my face well in no time.

    Sara Beth,
    Yes, I will go back on a post tomorrow and put suggested colors. I just am seeing this and it's almost midnight now.........thanks girls for giving me some ideas for tomorrows post. I hope we still have electricity through this storm, Pax!


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