Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Freebie on Facebook Page!

Just to drop by and let you know that this month's freebie is on Feathers in the Nest FB page. You can find it easily and click on the pic, right click to print out. The sampler is  called "Love Story". Yup, we all have one at some point in our life and I'm so blessed to have a good one. Inspiration came very easy for this one.

At the homestead, I've been in the nesting mode, especially today. Deep cleaning as if it's Spring!
However, the weather continues to give us rain, rain, rain, even with the sun out today.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my old pots and pans and exchanged the basket collection I had for functional use of the wrought iron pot holder. Mr. Darcy LOVES the large, very old iron one in the front.
I cleaned ovens, top of ovens, eyes of the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator and a really good cleaning of the counter tops. I think it was the tea I made that was too sweet. :P
Then to vacuuming and mopping, dusting and scrubbing the hearth.
I'm pretty tired right now. It's midnight. After all that energy, I sat down in the evening and designed the freebie you will see on the FB page. I thought about how much home means to me.
I love to travel but way too strapped right now for that so I'm having a staycation which includes enjoying our home.
I finally fixed the cover on the chaise. It's on the back porch and I found the perfect way for the cushion to stop sliding on it.
I just simply took small rope and put it through a large darning needle and anchored it to the chair.
I also made bows at the ends to enclose it a bit.
Yup, this is where my Sunday rest will be...............................................

Well, off to late midnight sleep with my honey.

Miss Betsy says................good night, sleep tight.



  1. Jennifer: Your freebie looks lovely, I do wish I did facebook but cannot, have had to much trouble with family so I will just enjoy looking at the pattern on your sidebar.
    Happy stitching.

  2. Thanks for the new freebie. Already printed off - now to find time to do it up! Your homestead is so cozy looking. I wish I could come for a visit :)

  3. Thanx for the freebie! Love your blog

  4. Hi Jennifer. Thank you so much for the sweet chart. I did indeed copy it and want to make it up into a pillow for our bedroom.

    I love your posts. Always busy. Always working with your hands. You inspire me girlfriend.


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