Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Easter Baskets

Happy Easter to all!
It's the time of year to be especially thankful for Jesus Christ's resurrection, as in this we have hope ourselves if  we are believers. I certainly feel blessed this Easter surrounded by loving friends, family and the promise of Christ's return one day.
I'm so thankful for the gift of creativity, art, and music for these are true blessings in my life.
I'm also thankful for Spring, for in the changing season, the Earth is awakened and it gives all of us promise that even the coldest of Winters will end eventually and reveal a beautiful warm, colorful Spring.

 New beginnings.

Warm sunshine.

Beautiful colors of flowers.

 Refreshing air.

What's Easter wthout an Easter basket?
Well, in my thrifting store finds this week, I found these two for dirt cheap to hold my stash and yarn, patterns and floss plus it just seemed more like Easter with a basket. Not filled with candy of peeps of which I love but room for hope of the things I love to stash. These were 2 and 3 dollars and I thought especially the first one was worth it. I will hang it on the wall and put flowers or pretty balls of yarn in my sewing area.
Both are very clean.
The colors along the band I love.
This one is also clean and the handle is unique. It will hold lots of yarn.
Purl of Wisdom: Don't put all your eggs in one basket!


  1. A Happy, Blessed Easter to the both of you! He is risen!
    Great baskets you have found. I love thrifting.

  2. I love the baskets!

    Thanks for the freebie!

    I hope you had a blessed Easter.

  3. Jennifer: Happy belated Easter, Thank-you for the super sweet Easter pattern, I love your baskets oh so pretty.

  4. I love baskets and your two new ones look beautiful.


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