Monday, February 25, 2013

Abbie's Necklace

Abbie says good morning, readers!
She is a bit spoiled. Seriously spoiled.
 I stitched her up a necklace quickly this morning in a lovely cotton Teal.

 I could attach a charm or  two.
She's content.
Nap time for Abbie now.
Last night while waiting by the stove for dinner, she got a kissie.
Can you just see the want of chicken pot pie in her eyes?
Yesterday afternoon, I spent alot of time organizing projects and linen and all kinds of things in my sewing room. I will certainly take pics when I am done. I will have all the right equipment and seating for 10 when I'm done. I didn't realize how many WIPS I had and I certainly stimulated my appetite to work on cross stitching through seeing all those beautiful projects I have started and created.. And stash??? OMG at the stash.
A local knit group or stitching group to visit the mountains is in store for the future!
Have a sweet Monday!


  1. oh, I used to kiss my Maggie Mae on the head too! How sweet!
    Amy from Oklahoma

  2. Abbie looks sooo proud to be wearing her beautiful necklace! Love the kissy picture!!!

  3. Miss Abbie looks so cute with your lip print and those pleading eyes.

  4. Abbie looks so sweet with her beautiful new necklace. What a cutie!

  5. Seriously spoiled dogs are perfectly fine, aren't they?? Cute little necklace for her. If I really counted all my WIP's, I'd probably have a heart attack, but it does inspire me to finish some more!


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