Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sampler Magazines and Sundries

I've always loved Sampler Antique Needlework magazine but hesitate sometimes to get it.
However, this week I caved and got two of the backordered ones from 2006.
Amazon also shipped out to all who ordered, the Season one and two, 6 CD collection on Oct 2!
I don't go to the theatre much so this definitely was a good buy for all the hours of Downton Abbey intrigue. This also includes a CD of the making of the movie and the house itself.
 I missed last year's entire season and I loved the fact  I could rewatch the first season~ like who can watch it too much????  I love this series.
So happy dance today at the mailbox.
So, of course this Abbie and myself are getting ready for bed, BUT...............
a few more stitches in a mystery sampler I picked up. Still no clues? The first clue is it's a freebie from a stitching blog.
I love the shade of overdyed blue.............more clues later.........when finished this will make my first cupboard pillowkeep for my Hoosier cabinet.
Other mail happiness came in this package. 2 older Sampler Antique Needlework magazine copies, Summer 2006 and Fall 2006
I love reading these and both of these historical samplers caught my eye.
And~~~~~ I got a copy of the Just Cross stitch 2012 Christmas magazine at Walmart today.
Gorgeous finishing of many beautiful ornies in there from all designers.
To all designers who participated, Yay!!!
I'm looking through it and wondering which ones I will have time to stitch.
What is it? Like 10 weeks left to get some done??????
I have designed a few myself for Christmas and will be putting them on the blog soon.
With sleepy eyes of the needle,


  1. ooOoo! I know! I know! Liberty Primitives & Needlework, Doing Right Quaker Sampler. =)

  2. Wal-Mart has Just Cross Stitch?????? Apparently not mine.

  3. yep!! Vickie you are right!!!

    Joy, I was so surprised to see it. I was looking for a different magazine and there it was with about 10 copies.

  4. Love your stitches! And that pic of the nightly routine ~ too funny!


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