Monday, October 1, 2012

Back at the Homestead- a little bit of Fall!

The blog is back and running. I've been sooooooooooooo busy and alot of it nonstitchy news but thank you for all who sent me an email about the blog. As I was away for a bit, Google Blogger doesn't give much choice but to set it and unfortunately, it said Private Blog of which no intention was made.

It's been a good kind of busy of late here and the trees are just a wee bit turning in color. The week started out with a couple inches of rain and wind, just cool enough to sit by a good warm fire.

The old Hoosier cabinet is in a temporary place and thought you might like to see it with the pie rack which was finished as well. I still can't believe this flour bin holds 50 lbs of flour!

Here are a few more pics:

At this sampler........clue: it's a freebie from another blog site.
 Abbie says she is ready to play!
 I'm still learning about Google Blogger Picasso Web Album and it works sometimes and sometimes not. The upgrade Google Blogger made REALLY slows pic downloading down for me.
Abbie is now trained to bark when you wave at her. She is a hoot!
I designed a simple Christmas ornie this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful job done on the cabinet!! In my storage unit I have an old flour sifter that holds about 10 lbs of flour. It has a bracket that mounts inside a cabinet. It was my grandmothers. Abby is so cute with the toy in her mouth all ready to play.

  2. What an amazing cabinet - as you say a "true baking centre"

  3. The Hoosier is beautiful! Well done Mr Darcy!
    Does Abby like the chichi movies? Different coloring and she would be the star of #3. It is delightful. She would enjoy all 3 movies!

    Happy Stitching!

  4. The Hoosier looks great.
    That's a LOT of flour it can hold!
    Abbie is too cute, pat-pat. :)

  5. So glad you weren't really making your blog private! The cabinet looks wonderful ~ job well done! Abbie looks so cute ~ hope she got her play time!

  6. What a fantastic labour of love that must have been. The dresser looks really lovely now, albeit some people would have preferred the distressed look of the old dresser. I know which one I would have choose. Yours!

  7. I'm SO glad you're back! I thought you had closed the blog down to private forever! I love coming by to visit you and Abby! Your baking cabinet is gorgeous - a lot of hard work went into restoring that.

    Abby is adorable, as always. :) A little doll.

    Blessings - Julie

  8. The cabinet is awesome. You have to remember when it was built, it wouldn't be uncommon to have 50lbs of flour on hand since stores weren't readily available as they are now. Plus they baked more back then, too! LOL

    Abby is such a cutie. I've only been able to teach Celeste to sit, and and she knows she's been bad when I point my finger, LOL.

  9. Glad to see you posting again! Your cabinet looks awesome. Nice job refinishing it. Thanks for sharing the re-do photos and the sweet Abby photo.


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