Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back from adventures

The last 2 weeks have been wonderful to say the least. I had a lot of "firsts" and alot of fun.
Van Halen in concert was AWESOME and how fortunate I was to have someone get me a ticket. Kool and the Gang opened for them and they were great as well.

The last week I have gotten sicker with most likely pneumonia in the left side and I'm taking this one day to do nothing. Nothing. I mean nothing but rest, take meds, and catch up on all the emails. I am planning to get an xray tomorrow as I have been really sick this week.

Leslie sent me something so very special that my breath was taken away when I opened the package.
When I get my camera working today, I will post a picture. It was the sweetest in the world and it reached me on a day I needed it the most. So stay tuned for a picture of a gift from Leslie.  THANK YOU LESLIE!!!!

I was on the go in two weeks but needed the break so bad. I did also see Titanic in 3D which was GREAT! My first 3D movie ever!!!

There is a quote from that movie that I plan to graph out. It held special meaning to me and probably to most women in the world.

A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. -Old Rose, Titanic

The old Rose in the movie was telling her story and this is a line that I am planning to make a sampler with as soon as I get unpacked and rested.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and until later,


  1. Oh my! Take care of yourself please!

  2. Glad you had fun while you were away, but so sorry that you got so sick. Hope you get the right meds and start feeling better soo.

  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    Wishing you a good rest and hopefully you fluff back soon to feeling better!
    Glad you had some great high lights but now relax.
    Love to you,

  4. You've certainly been busy. Hope you are rested and feeling much better.


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