Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thomas and Spring

Thomas, death by cat food.

This is what happens when you buy a buffet for Thomas.

He got 2 auto feeders and ate. And ate. And. Ate.
Honestly, he will be bullemic probably  now. LOL

He was a HAPPY kitty!

I spent the beautful sunny day rambling in junkin' places and spruced up the inside of the house for Spring.
I'm so ready for it.

Won't be long before those trees fill in with leaves and blossoms.

So excited for a guest who will be here soon!!!

These feet are happy dancing.

I went junkin' today and this is what I came up with for my front door.
I kinda like it.
It's ready for a special guest.

What could be better in the Springtime?
Hope your neck of the woods is warming up and giving you good cheer!

Till later,


  1. Dearest Jennifer,

    Yep, those are happy, dancing feet - one can tell. It also runs off the sentences you write here! Enjoy this special time of the year and look forward to your special visitor.
    Love to you from a dreamy, sunny and warm southeast.


  2. Why yes, Jennifer, it is warming up nicely here in Wisconsin. It may reach 80 today!! :) My garden is coming alive. I like your front door very much. Patriotic and pretty.

  3. Hi

    I like your front door decoration, it's lovely.

    Thomas is adorable!

  4. Your happiness is showing - yay for you! Enjoy your time with your .special company!

  5. Your words convey your happy mood! Spring is arriving here as well. Warm temps and pretty sunshine! Enjoy the time with your friend!

  6. Morning Jennifer,
    What beautiful photos!
    Goodness Thomas looks well pleased with himself...I think my kitties need these - although we have a 17 lb one and a 7 lb

    We're in Wisconsin and it's going to be just beautiful today (as it has been all week). Trees are full of buds, flowers are up - let's hope there isn't a huge snow storm now!

    Hope you will share who your special visitor is and they will love to be greeted by your beautiful Spring door decor. I know I would.


  7. LOVE those boots!! Thomas is just adorable!! If I got those feeders for my cat, he'd eat until it was empty!

  8. Your home and front door looks great. The view of the tree is awesome. Enjoy spending time with your guest when they arrive.

  9. Oh I melted in my chair! Your views are so beautiful!! I miss my mountains!! Love your front door too!


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