Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Coverlet Birds by The Scarlett House Started in DC

I am so blessed to be on a business trip this week in Washington, DC!!!!  I love every minute of today and will drink in more fun of the big city life soon.

You know on the plane I had to get started on something conducive to good travel!

And The Coverlet Birds seemed a good project to start. Designer The Scarlett House

Here's what I got done on my 1 hr and 52 minute flight today gripping the side arms of a seat.

This is my first taste of NPI silks and girls/guys!!! I LOVE IT!
Not that I don't like other silk products but this comes in the most beautiful colors and seems to almost have a pull at it and doesn't tear as easily. I could almost say it must have some cotton in it.
I'm hooked on it now.
The con is that I like color names. Numbers????  I forget.
Color names and I can remember and relate.

Peoples names?  hmmmmmm. Some I remember too well. LOL

I did not stitch as on the pattern for 40 count. Glaucoma will not allow that at all. LOL
BUT, 32 count Belfast Earthen will definitely fit the boat and I'm lovin' it.

You know coverlets, in their day, were gorgeous and in ours..........beautiful.

The patterns we all see and reflect from it are awesome!

Three gorgeous nice NPI silk colors to make this pretty.

The 32 ct Earthen Belfast is oh so prim.

My carry-on luggage didn't go without some color, although the zipper burst right in security. {{{embarrassed}}}

Oh well, I'm headed to In Stitches tomorrow for some loafing around and eye candy as usual. After that my schedule will be tight to fit in anything else but Women's Health issues. And yes, girls, we are complicated with our hormones in every decade of life. Just accept it. We are.

And what can I say but that where I live is the ying and this is the yang. Look at this hotel!!!

Yes, this is looking OUT the room down to the lobby. The little tiny piano you can see on the left upper part, floating in a wishing pool. SOOOOO pretty! I made a wish there when I arrived! I'm waiting to see if someone will hop over the water and start playing it.

This could get interesting now at night. I hope these folks close the curtains ;p

This restaurant/bar in the corner was EXCELLENT and called The Cure.

Yes, it cured me of the ailments of travel. LOL

And tonight.

And then earlier today with beautiful 78 degree weather, sunny side up.

What a beautiful place to hang our American flag.

And I'm having a great time already in this place. A little too comfy when I tried out the fluffiness of the bed upon entering. ;)

Ying and yang.

It's a beautiful place. Although I think the country is the best, I love to have contrast with a visit to a city every now and again.

This is straight down, looking outside the window of the room.
It's so. Interesting.

And this bed is calling my name right now with a good book and stitching project.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the stitching kind.

And don't forget, God loves you!!!!!

Till later,


  1. Enjoy your trip to In Stitches. The hotel looks wonderful. Enjoy the relaxing time.

  2. Jennifer ~ have fun! You deserve
    a break! I hope you have time to see
    lots of sights in DC....
    I know you will enjoy In Stitches.
    Tell us all about your trip and what
    you did. Blessings for a safe trip.

  3. Great pictures of the hotel. Does it happen to be the Gaylord National?

    Mary in MN

  4. Enjoy the conference. The hotel is beautiful. I just love In Stitches and will be visiting it next month on my way to the MB. Have a good time looking at all the stitchy goodness.

  5. Beautiful sights so far. What an awesome hotel. Looking forward to more. :)

  6. Nice start on your birds. The hotel looks amazing and how unusual that your room opens onto the foyer. Enjoy your trip.

  7. Love this piece and the colors you are using! Your hotel looks lovely! Have fun!

  8. What a beautiful hotel!! I've never been to DC, but would like to visit someday.


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