Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day for Yummies

yes, I made moist, Ghirardelli Walnut Caramel Turtle Brownies today.


Dessert. as I was craving chocolate today after lunch......which also made lunch tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night as the pasta expanded to make alot!!!
Spinach Cheese Tortelini covered with pasta sauce
But, this is the first time I've tried this. (Yes, sheltered I know)
But alot of firsts are fun sometimes.
Keeps life interesting and tasty.

A small package of these.

then covered with sauce and Parmesian cheese makes this:

and I think I've got my taste-buds satisfied.

Besides, the house smells like chocolate now!

And that definitely makes for good reading and stitching time.

Hope your Thursday was full of Happy, telling those you love, that  you love them, and finding something new to explore!

Till later,


  1. Oh YUM! Those brownies looks so tasty! I alwasy crave chocolate or something sweet after dinner. I am making coconut rice pudding this weekend.

    Have a lovely Thursday!

  2. Oh yum....both look wonderful...but I will take the Brownie PLEASE....I'm a Chocolate lover.

  3. Oh, how yummy! I won't hold you responsible for any, um, drool on my keyboard!

  4. Oh now you have my mouth watering. I absolutely love tortellini. I usually try to pair it with a tomato alfredo sauce but any sauce will really do. And the brownies...UGH!! I want chocolate so badly today. But I will have to wait until tomorrow. It all looked so good. And you are so correct. A home smelling like chocolate is a very good atmosphere for reading and stitching. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    me too..i love brownie plaeseeee..
    hugs xx

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I just love your blog, and every time I read it, i find something soothing for the soul or interesting to learn and even delicious recipes!
    Thank you Jennifer for sharing your kindness with all of us!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Those brownies do look DELISH! The pasta looks good, too.


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