Saturday, December 22, 2012

Warm and Cozy

I'm finally going to slow down XXXX fingers....maybe until Christmas. We are enjoying a new Buck wood stove insert which puts out alot of heat once it gets going!
The hum of the blower is putting me into a relaxing state.
Going to see what's on for Christmas movies in a few.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and repeat again. I do think this will be a good investment and lower utility bills by half. We have plenty of trees and wood naturally. Just takes a little time to get it started. When it reaches 700 degrees the blower turns on and it's heaven.
I sold something to get this as times are hard. At first I didn't think I would like it. Now, I love it.

And guess who also loves it? Miss Abbie!  I made her a fleece easy-peazy blanket up from 60 % off fabbie from Joanne's. Since she is so small, a yard wraps around her 10 times but she loves it.
The print is like this:
A pink, girly Sock Monkey with hearts.
It's her early christmas present.
She needed it last night when the electricity went off from 11pm to 2am due to high winds out here.
SO glad I had the wood stove already heated up good!
Oil lamps lit and just silence. To think. To slow me up. To  hault my overdrive brain from a long day of work.
So at 2am when the lights came back on, off to bed late. Again.
My scarf progress is here:
I'm having to learn to add in some chunky stripes/sections to lengthen it.
I have one and 1/2 skein of the brown left and underestimated the length for Mr. Darcy so:
Next lesson for me is to learn how to add another color in for several rows.
He definitely will need this for January and February here.
If anything he can use it outside at home.
Well, folks, it's 80 degrees now on the inside thermometer. I think I can crank this wood stove down a little now but it is 43 outside. Furnace hasn't cut on one time. I think it was a good investment to lower the utility bills.
Warm and cozy,


  1. Oh that does look warm and cozy. How I would love to have a stove like that!

  2. Nice progress on your scarf.

    My parents have had a wood stove insert for years. Those things really put out the heat!

  3. I can almost feel the heat. Your scarf is really coming along - thank you for sharing your photos which always warm my heart x

  4. Your scarf is looking so pretty
    Love cucki x

  5. Lovely. It is easy to add a colour; just start to knit with the other colour and leave a long end which you just sew in when you have finished.

    If your new colour is just going to be a few rows, dont cut off the old colour; just bring it up when you are ready to start it again or/if you are going to have a nice big band of the new colour, cut off the original colour and leave a longish strand which you will sew in literally just shove it in a darning needle and 'hide' it amongst your knitting stitches.

    Clear as mud??? Feel free to email if you get stuck xxxxxx Well done, it looks lovely and warm.

  6. We heat entirely with a woodstove in our main room. The only propane we use is for the waterheater. So our heating bill is about $20 a month. Could never afford to live here otherwise. The house is simply too old to have centeral heating ducts installed. So it's a mix of my old-fashionedness and miserliness to the best result!!

  7. Great progress on you Scarf. Love your new stove, I so want one, but like you times are hard. Follow stitcheranon's advice on adding your new colour to your scarf.


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