Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lincoln progress

I started in the middle of the pattern so yes, there is much more top hat to go. When I finish him, I'm going to do Mary Lincoln facing him and they both go in matching black frames.
Started on Lincoln's sillouhette last night for several hours while watching a Christmas movie.
I plan to finish this on the scrap of 30 ct R and R Creekbed Brown with 310 DMC and into a 4 x 6 black matt frame.
I am revising Lincoln's chin to be more pronounced. After I saw the movie, I decided to revise.
When I get done I will share the revision chart.
Here's hoping your Saturday is full of joy!


  1. i love your progress.
    love cucki x

  2. Great progress. I like your idea of stitching Mrs Lincoln and displaying them in matching frames side by side.


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