Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finishing up the Quaker Freebie and a Christmas one for YOU

A lovely, bright Saturday morning this morning with a fire roaring in the fireplace and sipping some Earl Grey Twinnings tea, bringing my spirits up to go on an adventure ride with my honey today through the majesty of Fall colors in the mountains.

Miss Abbie has had her treat and play time and is lazily soaking in the warmth by the fire.
Up to yesterday during my sparing moments I worked on trying to finish (although slowly) the quaker sampler by Liberty House Primitives and Needlework. It felt good to round 'r up the corners and hope they all meet properly when finishing.

Seems like the old frame I got at a thrift store is just tool large so I'm stumped at what I will frame or maybe I will just make a large pillowkeep with it. I have lots of fat quarters that will look well with it and I can imagine this would be great for the old Hoosier cabinet.

I know alot of folks are working on Christmas and I should be as well. But my next finish will be on one I designed for October 2 years ago for Domestic Violence Awareness month. I only have a very small amount to stitch on it. I also wanted to add a few specialty buttons that I ordered and already have the special order frame for it.

Somewhere in between I"ll squeeze in a Christmas ornie or two.

But my progress on the quaker here:

Here's a wee ornie for your Christmas tree to stitch up today.

Dolls used to be my favorite thing to get from ole' Santa!

fibers suggested are:
Week's Dye Works Teal Frost (for left doll's dress and date)
WDW Amber for left doll's dress
GA Apricot Blush for faces
WDW Havanna for shoes
GA Cameo Pink for lighter pink border and dress
GA Antique Rose for right doll dress and letters
GA Brandy for right doll's hair
fabric: Antique white linen
Christmas Dolls
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2012


  1. How good of you to design for Domestic Violence Awareness. I have found through my life many, many people are "uncomfortable" with this. Some prefer to turn a blind eye to this. This is never, NEVER the correct thing to do!

  2. I love how your sampler is coming along! Thank you for the is perfect since I still love dolls...grins...and because Santa used to bring a doll every year for my daughter too! Enjoy your adventure looking at all the Fall colors!


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