Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordie Wednesday--October Breast Cancer Awareness freebie

Always Hope
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011
Wednesday~~~ a BUSY day! A good kind of busy where the day really went by fast.
Last year I designed this one for October, Breast Cancer Awareness month and thought I would re-post it for newcomers.
If you love all things pink, and all things, women's health advocacy, just thought I'd share.
Last time I went into Joanne's Fabrics store, I was so thrilled to see all the pink and breast cancer awareness stitching supplies, cases, measuring tapes, needle holders, etc.
I think all of us can think of at least one person who has crossed our journey that has unfortunately, been touched with this disease. Continued research for a cure is so much needed still.
I would love to see pics of any finishes. I've still myself not stitched this even after a year! My bad! ;p
But my goal is to stitch up a model. Knowing me, I may change a stitch or two when fiber meets fabric but this was an interpretation I felt inspired to design last year.
One of my main preceptors years and years ago when I finished women's health NP school, was diagnosed herself with breast cancer. It touched my life in a way I can't describe. We worked close together, she was a mentor and we spent at least an hour a week going to rural clinics together. But as with alot of women, including myself, we care for others problems first, and then we go take care of ourselves. With her, it was way too late.
Within 6 months we were all attending her funeral instead of laughing and mentoring together.
She definitey though in her short lifetime, left an imprint upon mine. We all remember her not in sadness but we celebrated her life just like she would have wanted us to.
As this is totally random today.......I thought I would repost. I put some personal symbolism in this sampler. Initials and dates can be changed in memory of or honor of a survivor or yourself.
I occasionally do clinical precepting and I think as I reflected on the day this evening, I thought of my friend/mentor in my own program 20 years ago and remember how well we worked together and we both learned alot from our friendship.
I look forward to having a traditional PINK scissor giveaway next month as well. Stay-tuned if you like PINK.
I'm thinking of designing a smaller design for October as well.
I hope your midweek is well. Hang on for a-l-m-o-s-t Friday!!!!!
With lots of love,
PS. Totally random..........I'm eating pink yogurt right now.....strawberry while putting this post up. ;0


  1. Thanks for sharing this design Jennifer! I just may have to add it to my stitching to-do list.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 25th ((found the lump doing a self exam) and had surgery on August 14th. I got very good news in the pathology report last week, and I meet with the Oncologist Friday. I do know I will be having radiation, but will find out that day whether or not I will need chemo.

    I have been feeling very positive since the beginning of my journey, and thank goodness I have my stitching... it sure helps to keep me calm :-)

  2. Hi Jennifer! First, I will say, I have just prayed for Tracey up above here.
    I printed this chart off last year and have not stitched it yet either. :( I LOVE pink! I will stay tuned as always.

  3. I love this chart! Where can get a copy? I don’t see a link to print the pattern.


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