Thursday, September 6, 2012

Junkin' and Jumpin'

First I went junkin'.
Then I went jumpin'.
I know it's that time of year for all kinds of things with many legs to appear out here but I literally got wrapped in a HUGE spider web and the spider ran across to the flowers but the web was stretched from the roof, to the table, to the birdfeeder and back to the front of the porch.
I had my camera outside to take a picture of the sweet sunset this evening but ran into this one that has definitely taken up the porch.
Oh yeah! Rounding the corner of the porch was "entangling".
I'm sorry to say it but he is not boarding here at the homestead any longer........
The day otherwise has been awesome! The sun is out for one!!  And I feel some change ever so slight back to the drier air and hopefully much cooler this weekend I hear.
I went junkin' today. I think I've adopted Thursday for junkin' day. I had something in mind I needed in the kitchen but instead found a gallon bag of  38 forks and 40 spoons for 8 bucks. Stainless steel.
Now I think I have enough for guests!
I even found a stitching frame for a large project still new in bag and all the hardware looks great......5 bucks.
and I couldn't resist this little Colonial Williamsburg piece for 3 bucks.
saw a sweet, heavy pewter angel frame in a pile for 2.00. I can't wait to stitch a small in this.
and finally a small bit of progress this morning, early with my coffee before I started the day.....
Battle Hymn of the Republic, by LHN, Lakeside Linen, DMC floss
I even played with a scrap piece of this Gingham linen I got a very long time ago to do one over one on a freebie by Liberty House Primitives "With God All Things Are Possible".
And for a nice evening it is, even with spiders.......I can't wait for the weather to change up this weekend!
Till later after I watch the show Hoarders,


  1. First off, great photo but... euwww:) Your new porch floor gets better every time I see it, luv it! Have a grrrrrreat weekend Jenn!

  2. Spiders, silverware, and stitching -- a fun kind of day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    You are so right on those spider webs. They are stronger than a strand of silk, if we could only use them for anything...
    You are lucky for finding some great treasures. The angel frame will look great with some embroidery inside.
    Enjoy this perfect time of year.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Yikes, I'd be jumping too if I saw that spiderweb and spider. I hate spiders.
    Your finds are fabulou. Can't wait to see what you frame in the silver frame.
    Thanks for all of your freebies. I may stitch the Romney/Ryan badge. :)
    Have a great one!

  5. You had one overactive spider for sure. Interesting to read your post. A couple of weeks ago there was an over active spider here too. Unfortuately I didn't take pictures. But amazingly he had a web from the car antenna to the top of a shephards hook with a birdfeeder on it that was 3 feet at least away from the car in the drive way. I had never seen anything like it until hearing about your spider.
    I guess we were both ready for Halloween decorating early. But my spider doesn't reside here either anymore.

  6. Ok that spider would have had me back in the house in less than a second! Shudder!!!! But love your junkin finds and the mug is just really sweet so how could you pass that up. Have a great weekend.

  7. I would've bailed if I saw that spider! lol
    Great junkin' pieces.
    Your LH is coming along nicely.
    Pat-pat for little Abbie. :)

  8. beautiful picture..and lovely stitching..
    enjoy your weekend x

  9. Jennifer: I love all your finds I am a junker also, I do find the greatest things, the Goodwill has asked me to give then pictures of the things I buy and change into something else.
    Your stitching is coming along so well I was asked if I ever get tired of stitching, nope I love it.
    Your puter frame is so sweet.


  10. Yuck on running into the web!! I hate when that happens ~ and if I don't see where the spider is/went, then I feel all crawly and think it is in my hair!!
    Your porch looks wonderful and so inviting! Love all of the goodies you found.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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