Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some stitchy stash to much needed vision

Taking a break helps me sometimes get things in gear. I have had alot in a good way going on and staying so busy with those issues that I have to brake sometimes to balance myself.

So encouraging this past weekend and again through the week are really cool temps here in the North Georgia Mountains, several nights at the homestead in the upper 50's, quite cool and dry. I sense that Fall is just around the corner........I can just feel it in the air even though the days are fairly warm.

This means more porch time and my favorite time of year to prelude to Winter (my not so fave time of year). The whole mountainside can be seen in DMC!

I've worked very little on the BBD sampler, and the color continues to be a fave of mine. Mulberry. Just in time for Fall.

I finished almost a bird today and I slept 11 hours last night so methinks tonight I might have to finish this motif if my eyes stay awake.

My new gadget I got at Joanne's is a Mighty Bright magnifier. It's awesome.

and it's bright!

I also grabbed a new pair of stork gold Gingher's while I was there.

And this foldable prop it travel board that closes when finished into my stitching bag quite well.

Yep. Folded to pick up and put in my bag on the go.

And this mailie item is definitely not for stitching but it's something received in the mail

Abbie sends her love to all.

and that's all folks till next time......

It's sweater weather at this hour and bedtime.

Hope your weekend starts off on a good note. I have MUCH to do this weekend around the homestead.

I went junkin' today and will show you those later. Junkin' is just in my blood. :)

~~~~~~~~~Hands at work, hearts to God.


  1. I've seen the travel prop up board in JoAnns and wondered if it would work well. I see it does:) Nice stitching and with your new bright light - way cool. Yes its hot here in California too but nice in the evenings. Mulberry color is pretty your stitching with.
    love Annette

  2. beautiful stitching..
    have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I need one of those travel chart holders too! I can see why you're still enjoying your Mulberry - it's a gorgeous color. I'm also anxiously awaiting cooler temperatures here - but it's not going to happen for a while. Happy Friday!

  4. Dearest Jennifer,

    You got some great tools for helping you on the job of embroidery!
    Love your pattern, love sweet Abbie.
    The best was to see your 'happy' smile in that beautiful last photo.
    Enjoy a happy weekend and stay warm.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Glad to see you back. The new stash is awesome.


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