Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Eyes Have It

This week flew by quite fast but it always does when spending it with a very close friend. Went on a trip this weekend and in the process am being trained with a new gun.....yup it's pink. LOL  I'm serious but what a gun! I would post pics but I don't want any political groups aiming at my blog for gun ownership. :)

 My first lesson of target practice at an indoor shooting range, with my new gun with an advanced instructor is this:

Yep, my instructor asked me to shoot to aim for the head and my first and third shots were between the eyes!  Shocked him!  Yup. The afternoon was quite fun and I did pretty doggone good. Then he had me aim for the center of the chest and I did that pretty doggone good too. I shocked myself.

Of course, my self-defense, advanced-training instructor is here:

and ALL his targets were right in the center. This man can shoot.

And in between this, we grilled out, watched a good movie and laughed alot.

I didn't take my magnifier light so even with my prescription glasses, I was slow but did get some progress on the sampler by BBD.

I hope to work on this some more tonight WITH my magnifier light, wrinkles and all, at least to finish the Quaker star motif. The Mulberry overdyed fiber is so pretty!

Abbie enjoyed the ride in the car and was the perfect "lady" until we went through drive-in's for food. OMG she turned into a BIG dog then. She didn't like the employees through the window.
Quite embarrassing, but she is now out like a light on a quilt asleep from her trip.

Speaking of the perfect lady.......I move on to........

In the reading arena, my Kindle goes from Jane Austen books to Ana and Christian's love story in the trilogy of Fifty Shades.  I have never read a book like this before, Fifty Shades of Grey and it definitely is for MATURE audiences but it's actually got a good background love story to it. It started out very slow but by halfway the romance was better, the storyline actually had a plot and then Wham. The end.
The ending was dissapointing and a cliffhanger. Sad.
So, I wasn't going to read the second one above but I caved and got Fifty Shades Darker. Will start on this one soon and I hope it has text to speech feature on it so I can stitch at the same time.
Will I read all three of the books?  I don't know. We'll see. I've heard such conflicting reviews but mostly the second one is a bit sweeter so I'll give it a try.

I'm also reading a Mr. Darcy book and going from Christian Grey (main character in Fifty Shades) to Mr. Darcy in another era is like turning the light switch on and off. :P

With my Kindle, I read more books (rated PG or less) LOL along with stitching at the same time with using the text to speech feature. Although a little monotone, it's great and easy on the eyes.

Just remember the eyes have it.

 Either aim with 'em or read with 'em, stitch with 'em, or sleep with 'em but...................the eyes are an important accessory. I'm thankful mine are still working well with help.

Hope your weekend was insightful!

Talk later,


  1. Dearest Jennifer: I think all americans should own guns that way we have a better chance of survivibg in this mixed up world, I own a Ruger 357 revolver, I am an excellant shot with it I have a great teacher my Law Enforcement Husband.
    I am happy you are taking lessons, good luck great work on your shots.
    Oh by the way the heck with all these people that say we should not have guns, it is our right as Americans.

  2. WOW Jennifer! Sounds like you are doing well and getting things done.

  3. As an avid gun owner and second amendment rights supporter, I say Kudos! We all need to protect ourselves from those with evil intent. Life is too precious to have it taken from us arbitrarily. Good for you!

  4. Wow ! you are good. Am afraid in my country, we are still a long way to carry/own a gun personally, thou crime rates have gone worst recently. Take care, stay safe!

  5. Great shooting there! I obtained my concealed carry permit last year. There is something to be said for being able to defend yourself if the need be.


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