Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red progress

Midnight progress here on My Everything sampler by the Sampler Girl. 3 more lines left! YAY@
Because I have tons lined up to do after this one.
Still don't know how I'm finishing it but have some ideas.
Many have asked where this frame came from.
I got this on on The Scarlett Letter website about 3 years ago. Its very finished, smoothed maple or birchwood I think, quite pricey but well worth it. I've used it alot and it seems not to be as heavy as the Q snaps.


 Sometimes Abbie was bored with all the tasks we had going on.

Happy, fun times by all.

Around the house, the old Homestead is getting a facelift. The wood, all 5 layers of paint stripped completely all around the porch with 2 weeks of hard work and now red barn stain started.

All I can say is I LOVE IT. Matches the red tin roof but what a mess to clean off the furniture but well worth all this effort. Just started putting the stain on tonight and will do the rails next in the white as they are but need touching up.

It's come a long way, baby!

Cleaning furniture and painter the front door is next.

On the stitching homefront, speaking of red, it's sure close for July 4th and a giveaway time.
Stay tune!!!!!!!!

Erasing the old, making the new.

Good for the soul.

Hang in there, where there's a will, there's a way.



  1. Red seems to be the theme for your post. Your red piece will look great no matter how you finish it. Doesn't it feel wonderful to give the porch and so many other things a make over? Your home will truly be your own!

  2. Cute stitches and wow, your porch looks great!!


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