Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time for Church and church designing

Good morning.
I hope your Sunday is filled with goodness and peace.

This is my church at Crescent Hill. Wouldn't this be a VERY love sampler motif? I love it. Very, very old one and I might graph it out pretty soon. Sometimes I just want to doodle and it's tempting to do so while I"m listening. I can see an old church on the forefront for a new design.

I took this pic last Easter when the flowers were in full bloom, said a prayer inside to show me the truth and boy did He ever do so after that in the following months. In ways I never expected.
But His ways and our ways are different and I don't mind at all.
I know He is one that will never hurt me, reject me, or treat me like I'm not worthy of love.

Sunday school and church and in the sanctuary, it's just after Sunday School and to designate when church starts, an elderly, nice gentleman stands up and pulls real hard over and over and makes the 200 year old bell ring at the top of the church near the steeple, ring and ring and RING.
That is the sign that church is beginning and anyone waiting outside with the cows by the pasture runs over and in to get a seat.
Sounds like the Waltons, I know, but I do love it. I love the old songs, the friendlieness and the leadership there.
And I've said some mighty strong prayers at this special church all alone in the past that brought some mighty strong truth to the forefront.

I hope you have a special place to go, to be surroundered by love ones and friends, to be cherished and nourished as I do.

Gotta run or I'll miss the bell ringing......


  1. Jennifer: This truely would make a beautiful pattern, I love going to Church I get so much out of going I feel better and love to hear how much God loves us all.
    What a great way to start the week, we pray for the people that donot believe.
    Happy Easter

  2. I just love this picture! There's nothing wrong with a "Walton's" type church ~ I wish there were more like that around!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    Your Church is a beautiful building and with those red azaleas it would make a great cross stitch pattern!
    Oh, our Sundays have been a life-long tradition of going to Church. Such a special day. The house and garden clean, you dress your best for the Lord and focus on the LOVE. Our loved ones who are no longer with us and who passed this culture on to us and now it is our turn for praying for the rest. Hope it will net get lost to some... They're missing out on something and their lives will leave a void that's for sure!
    Love to you,


  4. What a beautiful post and a beautiful church! Thank you for sharing with us. This reminds me of my church, just a little white country church where we still ring the bell to call us to worship and we still sing those powerful old hymns, I love it there. I hope to see a pattern of your beautiful church in the future!

  5. Such a beautiful church within an even more stunning setting. What a place to worship! I miss these small country churches, they are not found in Alaska. I very much look forward to attending church with others that believe the same as I do. Some days, it does truly feel like God knocks us in the back of the head with a powerful message! Looking forward to seeing your pattern. I hope you had a very blessed Palm Sunday!

  6. Your church is beautiful Jennifer. Mine looks nothing like that, being in the city. But we still worship Jesus there and sing beautiful old hymns. So, we are all together after all. :)

  7. I too love church. I love your photo. There is nothing more peaceful than going to the house of the Lord and having alone time with him.
    Thank you for your post. It really made my day!!
    Thank you again for the mail. I keep looking at my things and smiling :)

    You are a blessing,

  8. That's a beautiful church Jennifer - and the way I like them to look rather than the modern ones. It would be lovely stitched up. Have a great Easter weekend.

  9. Very pretty and looks so peaceful!
    I'm sure the Easter services will be pretty there!
    The azaleas are lovely! This really would make a lovely cross stitch pattern!
    Have a Happy Easter!


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