Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

The Foggy Mountains

It’s rainy and cold outside,
So much I need to say
I keep a lot of things in my heart
So people don’t turn away.

Sometimes I let it out in words
So they will understand
What it’s like to live each day
In an unpromised land.

I read, I stitch, I play music,
In hopes to ease my mind
Of what the fog brings me
From time to time.

Every day brings on joy and challenges
The difference is really a choice
To grab a hold of the joy
And leave the rest unvoiced.

So, look at the mountains
And what they really do tell
The rains from the Heavens
And the fog from the Hell.

Choosing the rain from the Heavens
Is what I plan to do
And whatever it takes in life
to simply see me through.

The mountains teach us lessons
We all could follow well
If we only could see through the fog
Of the rest, we would call our Hell.

On brighter days when sunshine
beam down from the Heavens bright
I remember who made me intricately
and who will always hold me tight.

Just like the mountains that stand tall,
firm, and resistent
I will live my life in the sunshine
and not choose the distance.



  1. Very thought provoking Jennifer. Yes, always remember who made you. :)

  2. Jennifer: What Beautiful words.

  3. truly very lovely words :)
    hugs xxx

  4. You have given me reason to stop and think.....LOVELY!

    Such soothing music!


  5. Such words of strength...I needed these today! Thank you

  6. Beautiful Jennifer :)

    I also love the new picture. What pattern is it and who is the designer. It expresses how I feel so clearly. Thanks for the info. (when you have a chance)

  7. Dearest Jennifer,

    Very nice poem! So true. We can't recall for ever having passed through Atlanta and not being able to see the sky scrapers! Unreal this fog...
    Love to you and stay well and warm.


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