Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Mid-week already and tomorrow Dec 1st! Can't believe it. Time flies by fast.

Things that make my skirt fly up lately are:
  • the Christmas movies on Lifetime channel
  • peaceful, quiet house
  • organization. Finally.
  • the smell of a fire in the fireplace
  • the sounds of the fire in the fireplace
  • fruit, yogurt with granola
  • Iam's dry dog food ---for toy breeds
  • meeting a friend I haven't seen in 30 years!
  • early evenings to bed with a full night's sleep
  • watching the sunrise in a brilliant orange red over the mountains while making coffee
  • no poo poo accidents from Abbie
  • blueberry cake for breakfast
  • extra reading time
  • Bath and Bodyworks Acorn and Fig Room spray.......heavenly.
  • listening to Joyce Meyers ministries---word vitamins for the soul
  • stitching time in the evenings
  • hot chocolate with extra marshmellows
  • connecting with old friends. And new ones!
  • Randy Travis CD==Three Wooden Crosses
  • finding new craft blogs that are awesome
  • watching snowflakes outside the window even if it was just 2 hours yesterday ;)
  • finding the best ezcema (over the counter) product---Aveeno for ezcema skin---works like a charm
  • a bargain buy for Abbie for 97cents---a new Tshirt (because she really needed another one)


  1. Sounds like your skirt has been more up than down lately! :^)... so happy to hear!!

  2. Nice list. We share quite a few things in common. Now I have Three Wooden Crosses steaming through my head. :)


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