Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Frame, A Princess Moment almost finished, and pretty color!

Well, I am almost done with A Princess Moment. I have one more line of WDW navy row to stitch on the bottom and then it's framing time. The first frame came in the wrong size but the seller quickly made another one 8 x 12 for this one. A few peaks here before finishing that last row and before framing.

In hopes to finish and frame by midnight tonight!!!

I was hesitant about the gold frame but I think it complements it JUST like I wanted! So excited, almost like birthing a baby.......LOL

More on this later..........

In the weedy yard around the house this morning, I got a pic of one, spontaneously-sprouting flower that must have came back this year after being in the ground from 2 years ago. I have a place in the yard that BG just puts any plants that were inside and appear to maybe have a chance at life outside and sure enough, last year this lily did not come up and bloom. This year, one bloom. The plant originally was bought on Valentines' Day 2 years ago and almost died as a house plant so he put it out in the yard and it survived.

We had another Lily from Walmart one year that was about dead we put out there and it came back 2 years later in multiple, beautiful blooms. It's about to bloom this year as well, near this yellow one.

What INSPIRATION this morning!!

The white lilies are about to bloom, they have huge bulbs ready.

what a weedy place but I'm so afraid of the little critters that may be slithering under it.........

Speaking of little critters.........she is having a buffet breakfast this morning with love and attention.

And speaking of beauty~~~ NOT! is Raven Louise here who has obviously been down to the pond swimming after geese this morning.

She is still looking pretty puny but we have taken her to the vet. Another visit soon though because I've never seen her so skinny before. But you have to only imagine how it is when BG coaxes her to the back of the truck for a ride to the vet. I'll have to take a video.....and I know I can't by myself so......

onward to the sunshiney day!

Holding sunscreen and benadryl bottle in hand,




  1. A Princess Moment is beautiful! I think the gold frame works perfectly with the piece.

    Love the flower! My lilies are not even close to blooming yet. The iris are about half done so it won't be too terribly long.

    Have a great day!

  2. ooo that gold frame is just perfect :) I think you may need a towel or two to dry pooch and those lily's are gorgeous :) love mouse xxx

  3. A Princess Moment is lovely, indeed Jennifer! Can't wait to see it finished and framed. Your lilies are beautiful and I hope Raven is feeling better. Enjoy your garden and the sunshine...

    blessings always in stitches...

  4. Your lily is beautiful. Can't wait to see the white ones blooming!! Princess Moment seems to have stitched up really fast. It seems like you just started it a couple of days ago! Can't wait to see it framed! And really, can you blame her for getting in the water? It's getting hot here!!!

  5. That gold frame is perfect with A Princess Moment! Can't wait to see it completed and framed!


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