Friday, November 4, 2011

Every day is a Friday

Hayyyyy (in southern accent)  to all this morning and hope each and every one of you is happy, warm and cozy right now! After the peak of leaf color, there are even still some beautiful trees left releasing their pretty leaf color to the ground and I feel so blessed to live in the North Ga mountains. A dear friend of mine who lives in the northern states calls me a country bumpkin and I do believe I fit that sweet name. :P

I stitched a little on the Sampler Girl piece (His Eye is On the Sparrow)  but will show a photo tonight to you where after I stitched some of the lettering, I just couldn't live with the color I chose. I tried to substitute an overdyed thread but will be frogging tonight, the shade just didn't look or blend like the picture on the pattern. Later, I'll show you the before and after. A tiny restart but oh so much spirit to finish this piece and many more to finish.
I do more stitching in the Fall and Winter months anyways, do you?  Just seems so fitting for Christmas gifting, and stitching by the cozy fireplace of which I so love, love, LOVE! I'm ready to settle in and get busy. Miss Abbie has gotten attached to sleeping with me and some mornings is hard to bump her out of bed to make it up, but she is my lump of sugar and she definitely knows it.

 Bless her little heart at the love in her soul.

I hope you find something bright and happy in your day today and think of every day being a Friday.

 That helps my spirit greatly!

So many things to start thinking about for the holidays and I do believe this will be a good one for me this year as my plans include MUCH joy that I could have never anticipated! I'm just excited about it, so excited!

All those with the Sept. edition of the Christmas ornies, I missed that, but will be looking through one really soon to see the talent that all the designers have made this year for ornies. Even if I can't stitch them all up, I love to look through the magazine over and over.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here and then Christmas!!!!

Many of you know that follow this blog that I give a big Christmas give away so stay tuned. I will not disappoint you this year!

Timeless comforts. Enjoy the day.

Stay cozy and warm with your needles moving,


  1. Wonderful to hear you in such fine spirits again, dear Jennifer. It is a cool, dark, rainy day here and that just gets me in the mood to stitch and bead. We have very little color left here in the N.C. mountains so I am savoring every last lovely leaf.
    Hope your weekend is awesome and spent in His sweet presence and love.

  2. helloo :) lovely to see you again ... its really warm here at the mouse house have got the back door open while re doing my craft room :) think Miss Abbie has got used to the good life lol :) can't wait to see your stitching up date .. I've not put a stitch in anything for well over a week now !!!! love mouse xxxx

  3. Jennifer, you sound in very good spirits today. I am glad for you. I do not have a dog for sleeping company...but a cat who thinks hiding under covers after I get up before I make the bed is sooo funny. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Sounds like you are in a wonderful state of mind and mood this morning.
    That is great.


  5. So glad to "hear" that you are feeling better today; I had really missed the real you. Whatever it is, keep it up!

  6. It's truly by the grace of God that I have life now and I live like every day is a gift.

  7. Have a wonderfully joyous weekend Jenn, don't have to wait til the holidays! xoxo

  8. Oh I will, but Christmas is going to be out of this world special this year, I can't wait!@!!

  9. I have that Sampler Girl design. I'll be interested to see how you finished it off. x

  10. Your posts make me miss NC so bad. This is the first year in over 12 years that I am not there to take the Blue Ridge drive. The trees here in Northern AZ are beautiful but just not NC beautiful.

  11. You sound so "chipper" and "up"! It will rub off on all those you're around! Have a fun weekend--and yes, each day is truly a gift!

  12. Wow! Such a positive attitude, that's great! Color is dwindling here in Wisconsin. Cold! In the twenties at night. I am working on ornament number 5 and 6 right now. They are all Christmas gifts. Fun!

  13. Sounds like things are going well - good for you Jennifer! So, when are you going to spill the beans about what's got you so excited for Christmas!

  14. Jennifer, you sound so happy in this post and it's so good to "hear" that in your "voice"!

    Our color here in Wisconsin is starting to wind down, but we still have some beautiful maple tree colors around. Today was a gorgeous, sunny, blue sky day here in Wisconsin and it was around 55.

    I also tend to do more stitching in the fall and winter months. In the Spring I'm out in the yard getting my flower and vegetable gardens going and then in the summer my boys are always on the go, so I don't have a lot of time for stitching at those times.


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