Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Wooden Tool Added to My Stitching Basket

 About 3 weeks ago, I ordered from Amy Mitten's website Amy Mitten Designs and Fibers to Dye For, a wooden tool and I don't think I've shown you but the tool will come to great use to me when I EVER get settled enough to sit still for minute and stitch!

Here it is.

 It's a nice size, not to big, not to small. It basically functions for the reason of tucking in those hanging threads in the back of your work. I'm so glad you don't see the back of mine as it's not real pretty :o

However, I used to use the Star Detailer ( from any LNS) and it did the work great if I needed to pull threads through to snip. However it's so small, I keep losing mine. So, when I saw this little goodie, I got one.

It looks like a miniture crochet needle. The end is as small as a needle so one could loop those hanging threads in and under to snip if needed.

Another tool added to my sewing basket by the chair.

Now if only I could so easily fix all the things hanging around like this little tool in life then maybe I could make sense of things.

Hanging by threads,


  1. Hang in there. Think of you often and hope you are more settled soon. Love the tool. I will order one of those as well.

  2. A tiny crochet hook is what I have been using for years! Never thought of getting a tool!

  3. What a sweet little tool to have!!

  4. Thanks for the great idea! I love stitching tools!
    Take care and good luck with everything, Jennifer.
    Lancy Rudd

  5. Looks neat. How does it work in comparison with the star detailer? I use the star one since years, never tried a crochet hook...but might give it a go now

  6. Great tool!
    I have several crochet hooks I just might get one out and try it...thanks for a great post!

  7. That's a nifty little tool, especially for a floss miser like me!! I hope things are now going better for you Brenda. I have you on my prayer list, and I'll keep them coming for you. You can only do the best you can, so you do that and we'll all be here for you!

  8. "This too shall pass" I need to remind myself of this often as well. Take care. Hug Abbie. Stitch. Create.


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