Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simpler Singer Stuff for Saturday

I remember long days ago a machine just like this one, owned by my grandmother. I never saw her use it and unfortunately it was destroyed by a house fire years ago. But memories will stay forever. I remember playing under this machine about the age of 5 and because she had little space in the house for sleepovers, I would make my pallet right under the Singer machine. I would touch it and concentrate on the foot pedal until my little brown eyes went to sleep.

I would touch it and hope one day that I could use it. Even though that day never came for the old one, I have a sewing machine that I use sometimes, mostly to finish off pillows or occasionally making curtains or pillowcases. Fabric has always been something that makes my skirt fly up and I indeed have way too many fat quarters of it now, stashed away in an old, cupboard.

I wish I had better sewing skills and one of my goals one day is to take sewing classes. There are a few places within 30 miles from here that offer them from time to time. I hope that I can take a good class because I would love to sew more things that looked professional.

Sewing or stitching are grounders for me.

 I often reflect on why this is so. In deeper thought, I believe that stitching provides an opportunity to visualize beautiful fabric, stretch the imagination, and make choices that I can always undo if it turns out now to work well. Life situations seldom provide such choices.

In life, I think there are few things that provide such satisfaction as stitching. Some days I don't even have the energy or forethought to make myself sit still to stitch and then there are days I don't want to stop.
Creating something that reflects my perception of things is sometimes so much easier than putting a sentence in words.
Also, when finishing a sampler, my heart sings as I admire the collection of colors and how each is important for the final sampler.
I feel very thankful that I have this as a grounder for good and bad times.
It's a way to share with friends ideas, finishes, and color.
I can make choices for the colors, threads, linen.
I can start over if I see that it's not overall a good thing.
I can restart or even start something entirely different.

So when I feel that life is going in a million directions and there is no stability to ground me, I always find that my stitching can provide that repetative, soothing, pleasure that provides some degree of certainty that I have choices, I have ideas that are important in formulating the project, and I can share with folks who understand.

I have been blessed by meeting the sweetest, kindest people through this blog all over the world. Personal emails of encouragement, sharing ideas of stitching, supporting and praying for one another through good and bad, are priceless. I feel very fortunate today.

This is one thing I can know for sure.

Just as I chose as a little girl at my grandmothers, to make my pallet right under the old Singer machine, I'm still comforted as an adult by the wonder of creating samplers, using threads of all colors, and linens.
Even though my sewing abilities are not the best, there is room for much growth, learning, and more days of creating something worth sharing.

I hope that your Saturday is filled with something or someone who makes you feel special, grounded, and loved.

Till later,


  1. What a wonderful post Jennifer! My Grandmother taught me my love of needlework and it too has kept me grounded, and has brought me great joy for many years. The feel of linen and floss, fabric, and yarn for knitting or crocheting brings me great pleasure, and I too love the choices of color and the ability to play and change as the spirit moves me. As a little girl I always loved to sleep under handmade afghans or quilts, they really brought comfort and security to me. Thanks again for sharing and inspiring me. Hope you have a good weekend, and can do something you really enjoy. Give Abbie a pet for me....

  2. I really enjoyed your post, such great memories for you! My mother and my aunt were the ones that started me on needlework...and over the years it has been a calming force in times of stress and a way to create some beauty in my world. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  3. I love this post Jennifer. I learned stiching from my mother. She and both learned to cross stitch together in St. Augustine, Florida. My mother was an excellent seamstress, and I don't have her sewing skills. I wish I did. I do have her old Singer Sewing Machine. Even after my mother bought a new machine, she still used the cabinet for her sewing accessories.

  4. Wow, what an amazing post. It's making me think of why I like stitching. It's sort of the same thing, but different. I like the orderliness of it, and the control. I feel like my life is out of control (I have bipolar disorder, and control is very difficult for me), so being able to line everything up in nice, neat rows is wonderful! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  5. What great memories.
    My favorite memory is staying at my Aunt's house a lot when I was little. She and my Uncle had the cutest little mobile home. She taught me how to embroider pillowcases, and crochet the trim on the edges. That is how I started stitching.
    Stitching/sewing is really calming, and a good stress-reliever also.
    Pat-pat for Abbie! :)

  6. What an insightful post, Jennifer! It reminded of all the reasons I love to stitch.


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