Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throwing up , Throwing out, and Thrifting on Thursday

The week changed dramatically about Tues ( I think, the last 2 days have been a blur). Body Guard has been very sick and we are awaiting on some tests he had today to find the real problem for his episodes of pain for the past year. He came home on Tuesday white as a sheet and I knew but didn't know how hard and long he would be upchucking all night. I've never seen him so sick in the 15 years I've known him. And you know men don't want help when they are sick. And what did I want to do?  Fix it, fix it, fix it as this is what I do for a career. I had to make him better. But he finally accepted something for nausea and I left him be. He admited on Wed, he should have gone to the ER as he was so sick. So this has kept me busy.

We have waited on beds to be delivered to remodel a bedroom for about............8 weeks now. So it was quite frustrating. However, they called and said they would deliver them this morning. He was better enough to let them in and of course I have to work Wed ( on no sleep) and Thurs and Frid. One more day and then I'll crash.

But when I got home from work and saw the beds and new mattresses I was soooooo happy with them.
I had already bought blankets and sheets and actually they look pretty good with just this tucked in. In the future with saving I may get quilts or my favorite wish would be coverlets to fold at the ends in case of need for extra blankets.

I immediately went into the other guest bedroom/studio which had become a make-shift sick ward and such a mess. Clutter makes me nuts. So I spent the evening moving heavier things than I should have.
I usually feel younger than my age.....but not tonight......oh I ache. But it's worth it getting things in order. We still have alot to do on the weekend. but I thought I would snap some shots.

I got a lamp, a black heavy metal lamp at a thrift store for 11.00, base and shade and it fit perfectly for the table in between the beds. Another happy dance!

I also happened upon a beautiful gorgeous sewing box. OLD< OLD OLD!
I've always wanted one of these and I couldn't find any thing wrong with it except it needs a little wax on the tray on the top left....but easy to fix. Yes, I carried that out too.
I also put down the new runner between the beds which look like sampler motifs.
And the most beautiful stitching pieces to put on the wall .

And the chair.

The mission chair that could see two small people it's so heavy and big. This will be my other stitching chair with my box beside it.

I drooled over this beautiful rug on the Yankee Sturbridge Company website until I caved.

This small stitched on linen touched my heart and perfect for between the beds.
I know I could have stitched it but I didn't have the patience!

Recognize this?  I used to have this on my refrigerator written to keep positive thoughts about love.
I found this also and find it perfect between there. Its' the Love chapter in the Bible. Thought we might need reminders from time to time.

And this lamp had to go home with me. I couldn't have found one more appropriate I wanted there. Black heavy metal with cloth shade for 11.00.

I've waiting so long to find the perfect one!
And got me a new pinkeep too.
This will sit by my chair to hold all kind of stashs and it holds ALOT!

Then folds all back up for space saving.

I haven't finished with this little wall yet.

One word.....Big and a good stitching chair.

The blinds match the pillows in a folk art Dutch style. I ordered panels but they have not arrived.

more pics as we get this all straightened out.

The week has definitley been productive and full of adventures.

Very please with the floor lamp which came from Target.

Come stay awhile. It's all coming together, sore as we are. Worth it.


  1. That looks so cosy!! Love it all - very lovely.


  2. Hope BG is feeling better soon and you get to the root of the problem. You must be so thrilled with all of the treasures you found! Love how the spare room looks so far... nice and cozy and welcoming. I envy the lucky person who gets to stay there :^)

  3. Can I move in? It looks like quite the nice place to be! I love the rug and the shades and the pillows... you have Great taste! ;)

  4. I'm so sorry your hubby is feeling bad. I do pray that he is doing better!!

    Your room is absolutely lovely! It's like something out of a magazine! You have exquisite taste. :)

    I have a sewing box like that, only it's on legs. I, too, found it at a thrift store and I love it! I had always wanted one and was shocked to see it sitting there! You're right - it's holds a lot!

    Thank you for sharing your pics - so pretty!

    God bless you - Julie

  5. Love it, Love it, Love it! Very cute and cozy room. You have it decorated so well too. Hope BG gets to feeling better soon. There are a lot of bugs going around this time of year that is for sure!

    Have a great weekend,
    Carol E. :)

  6. You've really been busy. Poor Bodyguard! My husband hasn't ever been sick that I can remember so I don't know how he behaves if that should happen. I assumed all men preferred to be babied while sick.

    Love what you've done in your home. Everything looks so inviting!

  7. Jennifer,

    What a long and busy week you've had. I hope BG is feeling better soon and the doctors are able to find out why he having pain. The room is beautiful and I love those headboards.

    Here's hoping you have a nice cozy weekend for stitching!

  8. I have that very same sewing box and LOVE it! I found it at a flea market last summer and have treasured it every since.

  9. I like it all! Very nice room Jennifer! When I was on vacation in MD this past summer, we were in an antique store and I saw one of those sewing baskets. I even opened it a little bit. But--everyone was moving on, so I did too! I don't believe it was real expensive, and I should have bought it... but didn't! You have a knack for great finds! Hugs.

  10. Looks like a B & B! Lovely.

    Sorry to hear things have been so rough around there with BG being sick. I hope you get info soon.

  11. Jennifer, I do hope that everything is better for BG!

    You have created a most welcoming and comfy looking space. Enjoy it as you both deserve it!

  12. How lovely - the GUEST room, you say? Wonder how soon I can get off work??? I'll keep BG in my prayers!

  13. What a welcoming room... you did a terrific job!

  14. Wow, and wow again!!! Everything is completely gorgeous. I especially love the rug :-).

  15. Holy cow Jennifer! There is so much in this post! I'm wondering where I was yesterday! LOL.

    I think my favorite things are the lamp ,rug, and sewing caddy! But I love looking at all of it! Hope hubby is feeling better real soon!:)

    I've been listening to your playlist while doing housework.It's taking me back!

  16. Enjoyed all your photos...and I love your little pup.

  17. Jennifer, it is looking so pretty! :D

    I swear, your home looks like the coziest little B&B!

    Hope BG is well soon and you rest up, too!


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