Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finished designing The Thanksgiving Sampler 1817

I hope you had a great Halloween yesterday. I've been having some health problems with my jaw. Seems I have TMJ and next step is a dental appt. For some reason, mornings are the worst and at night but I have some medication to help with until the appt on Thursday.

I enjoyed looking at all the Haloween costumes of friends on Facebook. Reminds me of times when Brandon and Meghan went Trick or Treating and I miss those days. After we moved to this remote area of Ga., we haven't had even one trick or treater. I remember giving bags and bags of candy out to the little ones and loved it.
Now onward to the next holiday, Thanksgiving.

Just finished the touches on a Thanksgiving sampler. A quote by William Nesbit inspired this one and I can't wait to start on it using 36 count Edinburgh Days Gone By linen.

The colors are various Autumn colors that will complement the meaning of the sampler.

This pretty pink monogrammed pin is placed on my largest stitching bag.

The variations in this vintage linen I think will complement it well.

Forever on Thanksgiving Day,
The heart will find the pathway home.

by William Nesbit, an 18th century quote that holds such true meaning for anyone.

This will be the first for me stitching 36 count. I usually end of tweaking the colors as I go but I hope you will like it and also hope it's done by Thanksgiving.

Well till later,


  1. I like that quote! Pretty fabric choice too. But stitching on 36ct? Not so much... I'm a 28ct girl these days!

    Shouldn't you be asleep?

  2. Take care of yourself Jennifer.
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Hi, Jennifer,
    I love Thanksgiving...my favorite holiday. Your fabric choice is beautiful and I can't wait to see which quote and what your design is. Lovely to know a Thanksgiving Sampler is being birthed by you, Jenn.
    PS: I miss my children, too, whether Halloween Days or just leaf peeping and playing in the Fall.

  4. So sorry you're having TMJ pain; hopefully with an "appliance" you can get some relief. The Thanksgiving sampler sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on it! Take care.

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog, and will eagerly look forward to seeing your new Thanksgiving design! It is always so special to share our thankfulness for our many blessings every day, but especially on Thanksgiving, with dear friends and family.

  6. Stitching on 36ct is so much fun (for me anyway)! Watch out though.....before you know it you will be a 40ct addict!

  7. I also love the little meaningful quote:)
    So far, I've only stitched on 32ct linen...I like a challenge so maybe I'll try a 36ct...anyhow, hope you're soon feeling better and get your Thanksgiving Sampler 1817 finished by your deadline.


  8. I can't wait to see this stitched Jennifer. It sounds very pretty, love the fabric.

  9. We don't get trick-or-treaters, either. I realized veryone goes in to town (even from our apartments), because they only have 1 1/2 hours and is impossible to drive and park to rural stops.

  10. Not to worry Jennifer, I had enough trick or treaters for your share and then some. I made 300 gift bags and actually ran out. We turned outside lights off but they just kept ringing the doorbell. We turned off all the inside lights and snuck around in the dark until after 10. Don't they know porch light off means don't ring the doorbell? Were these kids raised by wolves?

  11. Love the quote and can't wait for the chart. 36ct isn't my bag either - the most I can do is 32ct.

    Happy Stitching and Designing!


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