Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twisted Tuesday word of the Day--Autumn Leaves

This morning I woke early and decided to browse through Blogger and catch up on my blog reading. I saw Tanya's post (The Sampler Girl) for today about her mom's blog, which led to checking out her mom's website  HERE
which then led to finding this freebie  HERE and then I decided to stitch it today. What a connection, right? Well that's just the first Twist of the day.

I went into my studio and the first remnant I saw was 30 count R & R Autumn Leaves and as I looked out the sunny window and knew today was going to be a soup, bedrest and medicine for sinus infection/ear ache day, I gathered my 3 colors I chose which are GA Autumn Leaves  threads  , DMC 310 black, and Crescent Colors Smokey for the bat.

As I was stitching along with my Mighty Brite light and large cuppa hot tea, I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this piece and it made the day a little brighter.

When I finished it, I backed it with some Autumn Leaves, burnt rust fabric and then realized that I had stitched on Autumn Leaves, with Autumn Leaves thread and backed it with Autumn leaves material.

That's the Twist for Tuesday today. Maybe it's the Benadryl and Tylenol doses, I don't know but here is the finish!

It's made for a hanging and I found some remnant black ribbon that I had squirreled away in my stash after using it several years ago for a curtain tieback. Yes, I'm recycling! :0
I randomly tacked it down with black thread and tied at the bottom. I left enough at the top for a hanger and I attached these metal pumpkin bells I had in my stash from the April Boston trip.

It will probably reside here for right now, hanging on my new/old shelf with other treasures.

Thomas is jealous of the black cats and he actually peaked over my shoulder while in my stitching chair earlier.

Yep, I thought someone was peaking over me.


I promise to get the Thomas sampler freebie I designed last week stitched for him this year. Maybe on Thursday if all goes well.

Of course no posting can't be without an Abbie pic.

Today she waited patiently on her daddy to come home while I was busy. She even had taken her dirty little favorite Teddy Bear and put it in his chair.

See those eyes. They just make us cave every time to play with her.

I don't know which likes it more but this I know for sure.

 She has brought more happiness, more love in this home that anybody or anything ever has. She loves unconditionally and is the sweetest lump of sugar ever. The End.


  1. Wow, fast stitch and finish- ccongratulations, it looks great!

    And, the beauty of pets is that they love us no matter what! They are happy and grateful for any attention we have time to give them.

  2. Very nice, Jennifer. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Isn't it fun to see a big burly guy be such a kid? When DH plays around and that special smile comes out - makes my day!

    Your little freebie is adorable! Love the finish!

  4. Well, first,I am so glad I wandered to your blog at 1:40am (AZ time). It is a very relaxing visit which at this time of the morn is needed. I am new to blogging and so enjoy meeting new friends. I will be back to see what you stitch next! Love the pillow nd how you finished it.

  5. Your finish is nice Jennifer.
    Thomas is a beautiful cat, what a cute pic of him.
    And Abbie, of course, is as cute as usual!

  6. What a fun finish! Hope you're feeling better today. Play time here for hubby and four-legged family member is right after lunch, on our bed, and boy, do they get noisy! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy listening to them while I check emails and blogs before heading back to work. Ahhh, memories!

  7. I do hope you are feeling better!!

    Love your finish - it's absolutely adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing pics of all your critters!!

  8. What a cute finish! Thank you for posting the link for the freebie.

    Love your kitty and Abbie photos. I have to say that yes, I have spent time without a pet but remember best the times I had one. They do help to make your life complete.

  9. Great finish, Jennifer. Hope you feel better soon.

    Take Care & Happy Stitching...
    Hugs, Sandy

  10. What a great finish!

    Thomas looks like a sweetheart.

    Gotta love Abbie!

  11. Abbie is so cute, dogs really do bring so much love into a home. Congrats on the finish what a cute Halloween piece. Hope your feeling better tomorrow!

  12. Abbie is so adorable, dogs really do bring so much love into our homes. And what a great finish, just in time for Halloween. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow!

  13. that is so cute; maybe the benadryl and tylenol made you stitch faster :-)

    Hope you feel better soon

  14. It is funny how one thing leads us to another and another, isn't it? Thanks so much for posting the link to the freebie pattern. I love how you finished yours! Your blog is such an inspiration to me. All of your finishes are wonderful.

  15. Hello, I think your blog is epic. Congrats.
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  16. That is a fabulous ornament! You put it together so fast.

    Hope you feel better very soon!


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