Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seems Like Friday

Well, today is my last day at work for the next 10 days!!!! Seemed almost like Friday....... So excited I'm off for awhile. No real big plans. Just going to enjoy home a bit. We may take some day trips here and there but no big trips. I'll be sure to take some pics if we go on a day trip. Hubbie and I are both home bodies. That is one thing we have in common. We may ride up to Chattanooga ,Tennessee or somewhere in South Carolina, or Pigeon Forge or somewhere for a day or two but not too terribly far.

Tomorrow is a big day in the city again of Atlanta. Going back for an MRI of my neck. I'm hoping they say surgery is not imperative now, but later down the road. So, in the tunnel of the MRI machine.......something I definitely can't open my eyes in. I don't know if you have ever had one but I panic if I open my eyes while I"m in the tube machine. Overall, I have been doing better, just the strength is a challenge sometimes. Getting an easier car to drive was a real plus.

On the bright side, maybe we'll wonder across some shops or something on the way out of the city. Michaels or Hobby Lobby or maybe a Joannes if I could find one. And of course, there's IHOP pancake house for lunch. Haven't told BodyGuard that's where we are eating lunch yet but......he likes it too. Maybe drifting back through Barnes and Noble to browse through the books and get a Cafe Mocha may be on the agenda as well. :0

Tonight we went for our walk and I was still hyped up from a long day but now after sitting down and starting to stitch, I have gotten very sleepy. Early to bed for me. ...........and that's by 11p. LOL That Atlanta trip in the morning traffic will be lovely I'm sure!

I'm having fun this summer with the Companion Booklets from The Sampler summer version of reading books I guess. Instead, working on the various pieces in the booklets. I've really enjoyed them and tonight started on the Pinkwork Pin keep pairs. The Raspberry linen is so pretty! Color therapy again.

I am making something for a late birthday present for Meghan, but it's slow coming right now and will post after I mail it out. I've still got to work at it a bit. That's the Virgo in me again.
Haven't heard from Meghan but I hope she is doing well at school studying hard.
Haven't heard from Brandon in Afghanistan yet but they do have Internet access so maybe he is getting my emails. Prayers for him every single day. Stitching helps the time go by faster while he is away, keeps my mind busy.
Well, off to get ready for a restful night.
Talk later,


  1. Good Luck in Atlanta! I have to close my eyes in the MRI tube also! I hate those things! They really creep me out! When I go to the dr. in Charlotte, we do alot of those side trips to shops also! Make the trip tolerable.

    Enjoy your time off and any day trips you take! I love day trips. Vacations are fun once in a while but I will do a day trip almost any time!

  2. Jennifer, I saw your comment on Tanya's blog about wanting instruction on finishing. I don't know if you are aware or not, but I maintain a blog of nothing but pictorial tutorials on how to finish cross stitch items the web address is

    sounds like you are planning a nice vacation, have fun!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Enjoy your time off!!! Your JANE AUSTEN ON THE WEATHER looks just like mine - way to go! Nice finish :)


  4. Good luck tomorrow with your procedure. I have had an MRI and I wasn't looking forward to it, but I just told myself I was getting some me time, slapped on the headphones and thought about all my stitching projects! It worked! Enjoy your days off!


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