Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Glasses and New Progress---Kate Spade

I've made some progress since last posting! I'm still working on the top down section with a lace border. I have about 30 rows left ( or when I have 191 stitches on the needles) until I get to all lace charts.

 And.........this will be my first project reading charts instead of written instructions.

A bit of a curl right now and hard to display but it's uber soft and buttery.

You can see at the beginning how the edging will look at the top and sides from the beginning.

So pumped about my glasses getting here in the mail this week!
 I ordered some readers and this time went a little out of my comfort zone for bigger lenses in size but I heart anything Kate Spade!

She mailed them to me like this AFTER I opened a box full of all different colored glittery paper.
I'm a sucker for packaging. I jumped up and down like a little girl. 
I love the detail she put on the outside of the wrapped part.

These are great quality. I used them today while knitting on the back porch. Hubbie likes them.  Alot. 

The inside of the case is so cute.

It's time for dinner and some knitting. I hope to get the first section completed by the end of the week if possible. 

Miss Abbie is hiding her treat bones. Yup, just don't shake out the throws on the sofa around here because you might just find one or two of them. :)

Hope your Saturday evening is a delightful one too.

Watching the sunset over the mountains, good food, a good book, good companionship, and knitting are my favorite simple ways to enjoy a Saturday night.

Tomorrow after church, a trip for fresh veggies. Maybe I'll take some pics!

Till later,

PS  Don't forget to take your vitamins.


  1. Dearest Jennifer,
    Wow, now that knitting will be even more joy to do; looks already very nice coming along.
    Great glasses too and I love your dinner; asparagus any time is a favorite and a very healthy natural diuretic too.
    Sending you summer hugs, we got cooled off after thunder with HEAVY rains!

  2. Jennifer-you sound so happy! I've followed you for a few years-ups and downs-haven't been on line for couple months-this was a treat! Have a great week!!-Rain

  3. Jennifer: beautiful color for your knitting, so beautiful, love the picture of Miss Abigail she is so cute.
    Yummy is all I can say about dinner, it looks soooo good.



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