Sunday, July 19, 2015

Morning Progress Day 2--Knitting Shawl Kaihola by Heidi Alander


I usually have hardly any time to really dig into a project in one day but this is my progress so far. 
One thing I need to let you know is the color is off pretty bad here. These pics are by my Apple Ipad mini. The color is better represented like a cornflower blue in person. get the drift...........

I'm still working top down on this pattern for the "body" section which is stockinette and edging special stitches to make it hopefully openwork when blocked.

This shawl is curling like a hot mess. One thing about stockinette that we have to embrace :)

I made a huge mistake last night and because I didn't have a lifeline, I incorporated it into the pattern.  

Doesn't look bad at all. I'm enjoying this alot. 

This looks like the bottom of the shawl but it's actually the top.

I've enjoyed learning the KYOK

That ridge row is a mistake but I just went with it. It actually adds some character and I might put another in after another repeat.

As stockinette is known for, it's curling like a hot mess right now.

But this yarn is like butter I  tell you.......butter.
The hand-dyed colorway is gorgeous.

You can read my previous post for info on brand and colorway. I only wish I had got more than 2 large skeins because I want to add xtra rows to make it bigger in the body section which is an option in the pattern. 

I haven't got near the lace charts yet.  I have another repeat at least of the body section. The lace charts will be the challenging part as this will be my first project from reading charts. 

My knitting friend who is a master knitter has confidence in me she said that I will be able to do it.

I love the edging this makes. This is actually the top edging of the shawl when finished.

The fabric is heavenly soft. I think it will add quite a few inches when blocked.

I will say I miss knitting with Addi lace ROCKETS. Those have much more pointed tips and seemed easier but this is what my LYS had Addi lace so I'm going with it!

Hope you are enjoying this Sunday! I'm resting up for another very busy week of work. 

Knitting and listening to music recharge my soul.

Stay safe and cool,


  1. Jennifer: The color is stunning, so vibrant and beautiful.
    I look forward to seeing your progress.


  2. Thanks, Catherine! You are so sweet.


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