Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Shawls, Flowers and a Fine Gentleman

I haven't posted in so long I couldn't believe it~~~ but~~~ a few things I've been up to lately are:

~welcoming Fall in the North Georgia mountains!

~making Apple Cider again on cool evenings

~enjoying Mr. Darcy's sweet spirit, and feeling so blessed

~road trip to mom and dad's

~starting a new business for a second part-time job

~making a fire in the woodstove on cool evenings and mornings when we sip coffee together

~enjoying the back porch like a room of the house with this beautiful sunny cool weather

~trying new recipes

~knitting Christmas gifties and thank-you gifts

~attended a Joyce Meyer conference with Mr. Darcy, along with 90,000 other people (yup that is a correct count, it was BIG)--one word---INSPIRING

~reading some new, good books

~watching wildlife in the yard, including a flock of wild turkeys (5), tending to Thelma and Louie (yup, not Louise we found out) :), keeping a bear out of the trash, squirrels gathering acorns, and appreciating all the sunny days after such a season of rain this past Summer.

~and soooo much more~

I finished my Fall Shawl Ya'll and here are a few pics:

The colorway is one from Bernat and I can't remember it totally but this pic is much lighter than the actual color. It's dark burgundy. I used 2 large balls of yarn. For some reason my camera or the lighting is making it lighter.

{{{whispering}}} Abbie has a disclosure she wants me to tell you: White hair here or there is NOT from her at all! :P

more of the true color here.......................
I made it so that it would fold on the edges for a small collar effect.
I actually finished knitting this a couple of weeks ago but today, just getting to mending in the loose ends by hand. I didn't use a pattern, just knitted on some stitches for a set-up row and then increased KFTB on each end for................a very long time! Then I purled all stitches for 8 or so rows to make it curl for a collar and then BO.
It was a great TV, watch-the-Waltons knit project.
The camellias are blooming in the yard. They really get no attention at all so Mother Nature blessed us with several that I picked today for the dining room. A pop of bright pink, white, yellow and green with a lovely fragrance in the house.

I worked on the second repeat (twice this) and then made a mistake and couldn't save it so had to pull all out and started over! I do love this. It was a freebie on the internet. Will make a large chunky lace scarf in colorway of Redwood.

Sometimes starting over is not a bad thing. I look at it as giving me another chance to learn again and pay more attention when I should be~

Admiring Abbie's long hair on her tail. She is so funny but smart, smart and more smart.
And admiring Mr. Darcy as he is blessed now with a new job! So proud of him. One fine gentleman!
And enjoying some fun days, free-spirited.
I love October. Always have. The leaves will be turning their colors soon, the cool nights will get even cooler, and the knitting needles will be moving a lot faster! Hubbie and I have been very blessed.
Mum's the word!
The back porch is our most-loved spot here at the homestead. It's not perfect but just right for us.

Miss Abbie is enjoying the chaise. Yup, she is shedding like crazy.

Where's Waldo?
I hope you have been having some blessed days as well. I will be writing much sooner. I needed a lil' break on writing but I so love to read and write.
Till our needles click again,

Progress on At Home with Jane Austen designer, The Sampler Girl. My hopes to finish this one if I can, by the weekend and get it framed in a special way.

ok, bye for now...........stay cool!


  1. Great knitting projects!
    Your porch looks so inviting.
    Pat-Pat for little Abbie. :)

  2. Oh what a busy lady!!!
    The shawl sweater is just beautiful. Isn't it frustrating when you take a gazillion pictures of something just to get the lighting right? lol I do that so often and have many, many to delete from the camera.
    Beautiful post - I really enjoyed it so much.
    Congratulations on your husbands new job...mighty fine looking man!

  3. Beautiful shawl..... So nice to see a post from you... That all is well and content...... Blessings to you Jennifer...
    Fondly, Rain

  4. Thanks for sharing what's been going on in your neck of the woods - wonderful, uplifting post! I love all of your fall flowers.
    Congratulations to your hubby on his new job!

  5. Great post to catch up on all you have been doing!!

  6. What a lovely catch-up post! All your pictures are great. How wonderful Mr. Darcy got a job! Love the picture of you in braids! :)


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