Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Progress

This week we certainly have felt a tinge of Fall in the air, with a couple of days of 65 as the high temp. The sun comes and goes and still with a good bit of rain. I suspect that we have an early leaf changing season this year with all the cloudy days. Whenever it does, I stand in awe of the colors, the many, many colors, of the beautiful trees that blanket the North Georgia mountains. Nature puts on a show usually here by mid October and along with living on a few miles from a touristy, Alpine village, I can be thankful for the Oktoberfest and festivities it brings yearly! This year is the centennial with fireworks and local history events. I hope to be able to attend some of it and get some pics!
On the topic of home, the progress I've made with the Jane Austen design here is slow this week but still going into the third section near the bottom. This is At Home with Jane Austen, designer The Sampler Girl, a WIP for 3 years now, hopefully to become a framed sampler in the next week.

I just love the names of Crescent Color threads! I'm beginning to work with Creeping Jenny at the bottom for a larger flower band section now.
I hope that Mr. Darcy and myself will watch a good movie in the next few so I can make more progress (popcorn included) :P
Oh how working with Creeping Jenny reminds me of all the weeds that have grown around our homestead this summer, encouraged by hard rains. Before I moved here the weed (to me it is) was called Creeping Charlie. Then I found out later, people call it Creeping Jenny. Let me tell you that stuff grows a foot over night it seems!
I have enjoyed working with all the colors in this sampler. I so needed something cheery and bright lately and this has helped alot. Thank you Tanya Anderson!
I also have almost finished my burgandy-red shawl I'm knitting. I call it My Shawl Ya'll.
I've got to a place though this week, and couldn't correct my error and so a visit to Ms. Bonnie, a GREAT knitter is in line this week, possibly tomorrow to get me back on track.
The cool evenings are encouraging me to get this finished.
I wore to church the soft, muted pink one I made today, the first shawl I ever made in fact, and always get compliments on it. I made several mistakes but only two that seemed unable to correct so I put buttons and crochet pieces sewn over the areas and make it work! Sometimes it's the imperfections that make a piece unique. It's a great feeling to be able to accept them as part of life.
I finished a sampler in honor of the Prince's birth this week. It's a very long band sampler and will be 3rd in line to the throne........just joking, third in line to my sewing basket as I want to do a small freebie one from Liberty House Primitives blog and then get back on track with my own design of Downton Abbey which is quite large but the colors are beautiful!
So, I pulled the 2 simple colors at random to do a quick stitch this week. I had already printed off the freebie from the site. There are a few more I wish I could stitch as well, about love.
On her site you will find, just as most designers request, that you do not sell or kit her freebies.
Sassy Brass and a DMC color in darker blue
This is where you can find your copy of this freebie:
Enjoy her beautiful music on this page as you browse:
The pattern is the last one on the list.
I will have to say that it's just my humble opinion, but I think Nancy from Liberty House Primitives has THE best freebie samplers on the internet, from any designer. I have also bought things in the past from her ebay shop and believe me, you will not be dissapointed with your package and order. Her kindness makes the world of difference. You can tell she shines the light of Christ and that genuine kindness and care makes the difference and is very transparent. 
Miss Abigail today said Sundays are for for nap-times................and she is the sweetest furbaby.
A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking,
 it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.
~~~~~Helen Steiner Rice
A GREAT big thanks to all who made orders this week as I usually get those out in 3 days. Tomorrow is mail day, so I hope you like it and it gets to you very soon.
I hope to have more designs put in digital format for your instant reception upon payment with Paypal. Thanks for being so patient with me. I really do appreciate it.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Your sampler is looking lovely, the colors are beautiful.I have always loved this one...looking forward to seeing your new designs....have you seen the Downton Abbey Sampler Scarf on Ravelry? It was originally a stitch-a-long for season three...enjoy your week.

  2. Great progress on the Jane Austen sampler. I love the colors and the sentiment. What an interesting comment about the weeds, I live in the desert so I've never seen them before. Your comment about the imperfections of handmade items is so true, and that's one thing I love about making things, even if I'm following a pattern, I know my piece will never be exactly like someone else's, and that is what makes it special!

  3. A happy post Jennifer. Love it here.


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