Friday, July 19, 2013

No Baby Blues in Knitting

Knitting has so many health benefits! I spent some time researching articles on studies that have been done on knitting. I'm sure they would apply to any needlework, including cross stitching, where repetative motion actually puts the brain in a meditative state. They compared it to equal benefits of meditaton, prayer, and yoga.

The benefits include:

  • reduced stress hormones
  • reduced blood pressure
  • increase in serotonin (the happy hormone)
  • increase in dopamine ( the hormone low in addictions like smoking)
  • a 30-50% increase in memory retention as we age
  • relieves arthritis in the hands by limbering the joints
  • increases socialization if you participate with other knitters in a group
  • increases self-esteem by finishing and accomplishing a project
  • reduces pain and useful in pain management/chronic pain
  • decreases risks for depression
  • decreases risks for anxiety disorders
So whatever your mood for needlework, whether, knitting, cross stitching, quilting, or any repetative needle art----pick up some needles and go!!! It's a holistic approach to many good things for your body and mind.

I've been working on designing 2 cross stitch designs this week and those are finished. Yay! I just need to model stitch them. I have pulled threads and also some fabbie for finishing.

I've almost completed a project set of baby washcloths for a friend that is having a boy. I am using I LOVE this Cotton yarn which is found only at Hobby Lobby. It's their brand and it's the softest 100% cotton I've stitched with.

Here are few pics of my set of three. One is a plain garter cloth, the next is basketweave stitch (my first try on this one) and a pattern in Ravelry (free) called Revenge. I do not like the name of the pattern at all but the picture is pretty for an eyelet washcloth.

These are small, of course, for a prescious little baby boy due in 3 weeks for a friend of mine.

I also picked up at a thrift store for almost nothing, a small baby boy picture frame in blues to cross stitch a 2 x 3 design of something I have yet to decide but will design.

The color almost looks green in these pics but the colorway is Aqua.

This last one is the first time I've tried this pattern and I'm hoping it will go well.
On the homefront, I have found, that a sink full of water with Pinesol will actually clean copper like you haven't ever seen before if you soak it overnight. You can see the difference. I love finding ways like this to save money.
The old tea kettle is singing quite a bit at the homestead as we both love hot tea. Earl Grey is our favorite. Especially I love Twinnings decaf. Mr. Darcy loves robust Earl Grey in regular caffeine.
My progress is just a little but a little counts, on the Blackbird Design pincushion (Reward of Merit) Bluebird, is here:
So, just a little bit more and I can start finishing it with a pretty Confederate fabbie I have in my stash cabinet of fat quarters and rummaging through my oldest of buttons to place under the first flower at the bottom of the design. I can't wait to finish this one as well!
Jennifer Holcombe gifted me with the thread, Crescent Colors Belle Soie, Blue Lagoon, the linen, a beautiful mother of pearl thread holder, the Love scissors and pattern a long time back.
I'm so happy working on this Bluebird!!!!
We have had alot of rain in the mountains here. The good things are that that the temps have been much lower for July but I was SOOOOO glad to see sunshine this week.
We've had 3 sunny days now!
Interesting because I had a routine eye appointment for glaucoma check and my eyes were dilated so much that I was seeing double for 9 hours. That's the longest I've ever had the dilation to last on my exams; however, I'm blessed to be able to see a good eye doctor and glad to say no progression of my glaucoma but cataracts have worsened so this changed my prescriptive glasses. I was so happy Mr. Darcy went with me to drive home this time as it was the first day of bright sunshine!! But, again, he is my sunshine!
I just pray and thank God I can see every day because I love to read, stitch, knit and I'm glad my eye drops are working well. It's funny how I took vision for granted until I found out my diagnosis. I'm blessed and thankful for the staff where I go as they are so kind to me, understanding, and explain things well.
On the reading front, I just started reading a VERY old book, published in 1954 and written by Irving Stone. The name?  Love is Eternal. A novel about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln. For 25 cents for a hardback copy, I can't complain. I love my Kindle but when I find a good old book, there's something about reading the yellowed pages that make it better. I'm a sucker for non-fiction old books.
Purl of Wisdom:  Keep stitching. It's good for your health and whatever life is presenting to you as struggles will be eased soon with the rhythmic nature of needlework. We help ourselves in order to help others, which is as beautiful as the design our life is making.


  1. Wow the teakettle looks great, I must try the solution for a few of my copper items.
    Lovely color on your knitting.
    Happy Stitching

  2. So true about the benefits of doing needlework. Due to various minor health issues, including lyme's disease, I've not been able to knit as much lately ( my numb fingers on both hands does not help). In fact, I didn't do any needlework for about 6 or 7 weeks. But I'm slowly getting back into it....

    Linda in VA


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