Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Fox

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and left you with full tummies!
  Red is one of my favorite colors in fiber selection. I have to laugh at  my own design as the fox really looks like Abbie. Soon to be for your enjoyment...........
We are enjoying our week together and I hope you all are too!
Here at the homestead today, we had total relaxation which has been sooooooooooo nice.
A cold front is supposed to be moving in tomorrow, so new ice scrapers and plenty of hot tea and chocolate are stocked and ready.
I just need some snow now. :P
No honestly, we need some snow as soon the Christmas village will be coming out of storage and placed magically on the piano and a table.
Soon, Mr. Darcy and I will be going to see the Biltmore with all the Christmas decor to enjoy.
I'm really excited about the trip as this will be his first time going there.
We both loved Seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey so I know we will enjoy seeing the Biltmore. There are so many similarities, although Downton Abbey is in Europe.
Speaking of Downton Abbey, the first of the 3rd season begins in January 2013. We are excited to see the continuation of the Crawleys story. What an intricate, tantilizing twist of an era of mystery, romance, ladies and gentleman, war, love, family relationships, and servants lives to keep the house going.
Well, off to bed early...............


  1. Lovely design...thanks for the freebie!
    Congratulations on your recent GREAT news!!
    I sported that name for a short time. It was a welcome change from the very long name I had before that.
    Hope you get that snow, and if you can keep it there, please.

  2. I love the Biltmore at the Christmas season. It's really beautiful. I know Mr. Darcy will love it.

  3. What a great little sampler. Maybe you will find you want to include a small fox motif on your samplers from now on. ;) I like to place a small poodle in mine. =)

  4. Placing a small fox motif on the samplers is an excellent idea!!!

  5. What a pretty sampler. Now that your last name is Fox, you will have to start stitching more foxes!


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