Saturday, November 17, 2012

Domestic Violence Prevention Event in South Wales

What's up for the weekend here?

Well, lots of grocery shopping for baking this week, lots of love, and hopes to erect a house on my sampler I'm designing. I have looked at many houses to and from work and it seems that it inspires me to have ideas for what a house is supposed to look like or be like with needle and thread.
I've really dragged this project out to the max but I know for sure that after this holiday break I'm taking, I will be filled with inspiration to finish it.

Nicole Ryan, from New South Wales, is heading up the annual Domestic Violence prevention annual event as November is the Domestic Violence prevention month in South Wales, here in the US is October, and I was indeed honored 2 years ago when I started it to be one of the White Ribbon Day displays........IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!  It was an honor to me but I let many things stand in the way of finishing it.

On November 23rd, Nicole will launch the annual event in South Wales. She has asked for my picture and a testimony for my past experiences with domestic violence and being a survivor, encouraging women in South Wales that there is HOPE.

It's a long day of events, good food, music and a strong mission to this community.

You can support the White Ribbon Day if you "like" her on Facebook as she is involved in this beautiful ministry to help others. I hope to finish this design soon (not by the 23rd....) but next year, the model will be demonstrated at their annual event.

If you are a survivor and would like to share your story with a picture to be placed on their unique board from survivors all over the globe, then friend Nicole Ryan on FB and send to her.

It's a small world afterall, and we are put here on this Earth to help others and make some sense of our own survivorship to instill hope.



  1. Jennifer: Again we are blessed in this world with a kind heart like yours I am also a surviver of domestic violence.
    This was someone before I met my wonderful Husband.
    I love your new pattern you are very talented.
    Wow what an honor for you it thrills me to know you are involved in such a wonderful program.


  2. Hi Jennifer. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I am not on Facebook however. Thank you so much for Season of Hope. How lovely. God bless you.♥

  3. Dearest Jennifer,
    Worthwhile cause and it needs attention world wide!
    Tonight at 7:00 PM I launch another Worldwide GIVEAWAY, this time it is a Lanarte Cross Stitch Kit.
    Hugs to you and have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving following.

  4. Well done you for just coming out and sharing your experiences. Domestic violence still has an awful stigma attached to it, due in no small part to the offending partner making their victims feel it is their own fault they are being hurt. I wish more people would speak up about it as it is sadly so common. xxx

  5. Hi Jennifer~
    So sorry that you have had to go through so many things in your life, and I'm very thankful that there are programs to help people such as yourself out there. A lot of work on your part though. Never every give up. Continue to grow. Continue being who you want to be.
    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches


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