Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freedom Fall Giveaway Ends tonight

Sunday morning, early before sunrise, I was making eggs and toast. Yup. Abbie was eagerly awaiting her treat and I hurried to make coffee and something to fill my growling stomach.
It's a cloudy-looking morning and some showers are coming, according to the weatherman. I love quiet days when reading and stitching, or watching a good movie are in store.
Yesterday I found the Season 2 Downton Abbey episodes on Amazon Video. I missed the entire Season 2, so episode one helped me get back on track and have quite a few to go. But that's one good thing about the Internet, is the ability to replay episodes missed.
On Sunday night, it's a tradition I usually cook up something sweet. It's a close tie between sugar cookies and apple cobbler tonight. I think Mr. Darcy will decide. He likes both :)
Remember the Freedom Fall Giveaway, which includes a beautiful sampler anf 2 pair of Kelmscott new Storklettes in blue and primitive, is ending at midnight tonight!!
Tomorrow night I will use the random number generator to pick a lucky someone.
If you missed it, put your comments here.
With whatever fills your Sunday, I hope it is blessed and peaceful.
Remember 14 weeks until Christmas!!!! Can you believe that?
I'm heading right now to get the Christmas cross stitch magazine that came out this month!
Let the holiday stitching begin!


  1. Good Morning Jennifer: I am not sure if I signed up for your givaway, so I will do so now you are so sweet to have another givaway.

  2. Oh gosh ~ I am no where ready for it to be that close to Christmas!! Hope your Sunday was wonderful ~ wondering what sweet made it tonite!

  3. The years just fly by, don't they? 14 weeks until Christmas!


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