Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Groundhog said what?

I read that we have at least 6 more weeks of Winter. I can't believe it because it's been a very WET, mild Winter so far, and I"m not complaining at all. I took a walk early this morning with the Valentine Couple of the Week here who are learning all about "couples issues".

shhhhhh......Thomas thinks he is the father. I can't tell him any different.

And she stands by her man too.

He sits on the porch just watching for any (and there have been many) potential suitors. We have squirrels EVERYWHERE now. He is a man on a mission!

He said, he did it, that's his story and he is sticking to it.

He is very affectionate and she is too.

Too bad Thomas was fixed long ago, as they would have made pretty kitties together.

and although they look out for one another especially at the feeding table,

they are a reminder of what true love is or should be.
Looking in the same direction, honest, and not afraid to show affection for each other.

yep, everything is wet, wet wet. The Sun is out though and I love it.
Everything looked so fresh this morning on my walk.
I just know Spring will be here soon.
And I hope so as I have many plans.

I found one bloomed daffodil and many with bulbs already.
I love daffodils.

so when the ground dries out I can actually get the leaves blown with my new leaf blower but its way too wet right now.

almost there though.


Sweet promises and fun times ahead.

Plan on , for the first time since living here, planting some flowers in the back.
It's SO much cleaner now and really looks good. Gotta get everything to dry out though.

I think I have a helper or two this Spring that likes flowers. ;)

And by the time I'm done will be a nice, peaceful creative space for stitching on Spring and Summer evenings, by natural light.

or reading. Speaking of reading, I've been reading this book and it's really good for women.

Flossie Mae said that "right here" is the perfect spot.

a future flower garden.

It's amazing what grace has done for me and for others too.

I have made it a habit, a personal goal, to surround myself with positive things.
It's refreshing.
These rocks are little reminders right now by my fireplace, soon in the Summer to be out in the garden.

I just used an old primitive bowl to hold them in good view for daily reminders of what's important to remember.

I've thought of designing some little tokens like this.
I've got to get my designing hat on soon.

so for those who like little stitch projects, look for this coming soon from Feathers in the Nest.

Because this nest, is full of promise.

just as we all are, if we only look for it.

And given the right conditions of positve surroundings, positive people, and a good attitude,
we will bloom where we are planted.

I'm so thankful this morning after a good walk on a pretty Sunny day to know the promise of Spring to come, and to be able to share this with you, my friend.

I hope your Thursday is full of promise and positive people who inspire you and positive things that touch your creative heart, like mine was this morning.

Love ya,


  1. Lovely hope-filled words this bright morning, Jennifer. Can't wait to see the kitty babies when they arrive. My daffodils are just starting to bud too. Hope you continue to have a beautiful day.

  2. Thanks for an uplifting post Jennifer. Sweet pictures of them.♥

  3. Jennifer, thanks for the inspiring post this morning. You must post followup photos of your lovely flower garden in a few months! Have a wonderful Thursday.

  4. Such lovely pictures,,have a lovely day dear..
    Hugs cucki xxx

  5. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts! I look forward to seeing your lovely blooms in your outdoor stitching area, as well as your "rock thought" designs.

  6. What a nice post. Hope you are still enjoying this beautiful day.

  7. A lovely post about promise and hope, which are the positive things we all need in our lives.
    Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers too.

  8. Thanks for a lovely post and the book recommendation.

  9. Your posts lately have been so amazing. Just full of hope, and life. It makes me strive to be positive in all things. Hope you're having a good night!!

  10. thank you all and Julie, yes when we get the negative away, the positive flows much better. Not saying it wasn't a painful process, but it was necessary to live. I love Daffodils.


  11. Jennifer: I love your cats, they look so content together.
    I hate the darned groundhog just what does he know, we are having unusually warm weather here in Minn.
    it was almost 50 in Alexandria Mn. yesterday down in Mpls it was about 35-40, I like this weather.
    I do wish I had a woods near by to walk in.

  12. What a beautiful post Jen...goodness the flowers just don't know what to do - they aren't supposed to be blooming right now are they.


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