Friday, December 16, 2011

Sampler Prints---early 1900's

Do you like interesting paper sampler prints?

While I was rambling through a community thrift shop (again) for a couple of kitchen utensils that were quite nice for a quarter a piece, I saw this print of a sampler. 
For $1.75, I thought I could afford it, so I carried it with me for a grand total of 2.25, including a book, 2 wooden handled kitchen utensils, and this.

I just thought it was quite interesting and read about these particular paper prints of samplers online a bit after looking closely at some clues.
The verse it seems is Scottish and quite cute I think~

In the early 1900's, the prints were popular.

The company is actually out of Chicago, Ill.--P. F Volland Co

Please excuse the upper half that looks cut off or weird. My computer has PMS this week.

Anyways, another marker.

and a nice flash of light there :)

the little doggie reminded me of Abbie's tail.

The verse is quite humorous and jolly just like the characters in it.

Well, bye for now.
Another log needs to be put in the fireplace.
 Good night John Boy. ;)


  1. Nite Elizabeth! Guess that really shows our age

  2. Dearest Jennifer,

    That is quite a find from 1917! I admire the skils that women had at that time. No electronics yet but candle light and an oil lamp... Most young women now can't creat that much with needle and thread anymore. It is such great therapy and you give or create something from your soul.
    Look at the cross stitch I put up in my post today. Not by my hands but I did fall in love with it in Germany. The pattern is visible enough for taking off my post.
    Stay warm and enjoy this special season of nesting. Creating cozy evenings with our loved ones, be it humans or four-legged loyal companions.



  3. it is so sweet..very sweet verse :)
    hugs and love cucki xx

  4. oooo well done on the bargains ... love the verse on the print too and love your door sign :) give a cuddle to abbie from me and I wish you a lovely Christmas and a much happier new year :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Your doorway looks very nice! All set up. I need to go bake Christmas cookies now, til later!

  6. Very interesting Jennifer! Thanks for sharing. Your front door looks so pretty!


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