Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still stitching in hand

This weekend has been full of fun and relaxation and LOTS of sleep! I slept 2 days in a row until 11am. Beginning to think I'm channeling a teenager or my body needs some sleep. The weather was beautiful, cool, low humidity and porch sitting was a major part of the weekend. We also watched some old movies, cooked and had but a few phone calls......a nice weekend.

I picked up my stitching for a bit and stopped here for tonight. Still loving that shade of blue!

~~just starting on some of the lettering.

Also designed another Dutch Proverbs sampler this weekend which was so much fun as it was about travel and home. To me, Dutch proverbs are very interesting and make for some good sampler-making.

Raven, one of our Labs says HEWO! Can you just not feel the hot dog breath? :p

And Miss Abbie, well, she got her routine shots and also had a rectal exam and has taken 2 days to quit pouting from it. Vet said she is fine, grown well, and at almost 2 years old, she is 5.1 lbs. Body Guard took her to the vet Friday and she was quite sore from her shots all day yesterday and got a bit better today.

I think she might be able to donate hair though. She's probably 2 lbs hair now.

She's thankful for low humidity.

She has a love-hate relationship with Flossie Mae. She needs a bath but I wouldn't dare until her hiney heals up from shots because she will let us know real quick that she just had shots in her side.

Well, till later, and onward to bed for Manic Monday tomorrow.


  1. Hi Jennifer...what a wonderful post.
    I'm glad you got to get some well needed sleep. Our bodies seem to tell us whether we know it or not...hope you rested up.

    Your stitchery is going to be lovely!

    Goodness those fur babies are adorable!


  2. I'm so glad you had a good weekend. I generally choose not to vaccinate my cat as she doesn't go outside and is never exposed to other animals. I just hate to make her sore and achy for such a small risk. I hope she and FM start getting along better soon. It's never fun to have pets at odds with each other. Your stitching looks good too. It's working up fast.

  3. I was the same this weekend, all I wanted to do was sleep! I should of gotten up early Saturday to get in my long run before it got too hot but I just rolled over and went back to sleep! I don't do that too often!


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